Fall in Stride: Find a Balanced Workout with a New Fitness Wardrobe


Nothing encourages exercise more than a cute outfit…or a room full of girls in cute outfits working out – hard.

New Balance knows that, which is why the company’s fall preview event (for the collection which launches July, 2011) was packed with sweaty editorial types eager to burn a few extra calories – no, a lot more calories – than they would at a normal after-work event.

NYC’s Metropolitan Pavilion, transformed into a New Balance/Crunch workout zone

Rather than showcasing new products in a typical cocktail party setting, girls were put to work with trainers from Crunch to test out how the sneakers, socks, shirts, pants, zip-ups and sports bras would hold up to a rigorous course of circuit training. And here’s where we come in, to tell you which were up to snuff and which you should add to your summer workout wardrobe wish list:

NBx Welded Tank: Your sure-to-be new go-to running, elliptical, bike, what-have-you shirt this summer. This welded tank holds in and supports even busty babes (with the help of a sports bra underneath, there’s no built-in bra – thank goodness!) and its fabric is geared to produce a sweat-fest you can be proud – rather than embarrassed – of. It’s X-Static™ technology helps regulate the body temperature during workouts and is treated with Polygiene™ for anti-microbial protection. Whether running in the park, pumping iron at the gym or speed walking through your hood, this tank will help get you through the burn feeling and looking good.

NBx Welded Capri: Another must that utilizes X-Static and Polygiene, these capris won’t choke your waist like many workout pants do. It’s easy enough to find comfortable, cotton-blend yoga pants, but the fabric makeup of these are geared for a higher intensity workout and that sort of pant is tough to find in a comfy fit. Pair them with the tank for a summer workout, or with a longer sleeved top (we’ll get there) for a great outdoor routine this fall.

NB Minimus: You know the whole gloved foot shoe thing? Well, it’s part nerdy, part cool. New Balance’s offering is a safe bet – a route in the middle that has all the benefits of looking good and still experiments with the lightweight technology. Designed to provide a “better than barefoot” experience, the collection adds a training shoe and a multi-sport shoe to its collection this fall. These shoes are meant to strengthen your foot muscles and calves and encourage good form in both running and walking. Be careful if it’s your first time trying these as it will take some time to get used to the lesser sole – a too-quick transition could result in injury.

1400: If nothing else, the look of this shoe is enticing. Bold colors complement a midsole made of Revlite, designed for a neutral runner who wants to run fast or feel fast without sacrificing cushioning and support. The 1400 is for the faster set, or those who want to be in the faster set. Training for that marathon? Half marathon? Ok, 5K? Whichever, these are a shoe that will inspire you to break through your targets.

New Balance shoes and active wear is available in various shoe stores and department stores. To find the nearest location or to buy online, visit newbalance.com.

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