Fashionable Fitness on a Budget

The fitness movement is more than just a routine you throw into your daily grind; it is a lifestyle. The days are long gone where gym goers would show up in sweats and an oversized t-shirt. Most fitness enthusiasts create a whole separate wardrobe for their time allotment at the gym. For some, the additional goal at the is to use the gym as a sweet spot for the dating scene while others embody the desire to look their best while striving to feel their best. For most it’s a motivational tool to get up off the couch in the cold, wintery weather and keep your form and fashion in tip top shape!

The Healthy Back Bag® Company by AmeriBag, Inc

The life vein of every individual is the back; it has to be in proper form for a workout to be at its most potent potential. Cumbersome bags that cause one shoulder to be more distressed than the other throughout the day puts both your shoulders and your back out of alignment, which doesn’t help the situation. The Healthy Back Bag is fashionably functional with a place to store pretty much everything you can imagine! There is room for mini tablets, notebooks and your phone. The greatest feature is that it is designed to help alleviate the stress that is placed on our backs to make our daily life during our fitness routine or just during our work day, healthy and pain free!
Prices vary depending on style: $45.00 and up


The Everlast brand is no longer made just for boxing or hard core sports equipment. The label has taken on a fierce feminine approach, fashionable fitness apparel. The collection features leggings, sports bra crop tops, hoodies, sweat pants and flowy gym tops that are stylish and comfortable in or out of the gym.
Price varies on garment


Once reserved for ballet classes and the common leotard, Danskin is a brand that has grown up with us and has embraced our lifestyle throughout our fitness growth. Their zip up jacket is comfortable, feels cool and ventilated and has a thumb hole to keep your apparel in place. Danskin also makes a full line of zip up shirts that are ventilated in the back and form fitting on the sides to create the sleekest, stylish look!
Item shown here: $5.33


Avia’s active performance wear is composed of a wicking fabric for a cool continuity through your work out. Shown here, the silhouette is a quarter-zip lightweight performance jacket with contrast inserts on the sleeves and inner neck. The brand is serious about style, comfortable construction, shape and fit while working out!
Item shown here: $13.00

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