FASTing Away Those Extra Pounds



As we enter the dog days of summer are you embracing the cool and breezy maxi dress runway trend? Or are we all running around in these long, billowy dresses not because they are “in”, but because they let us secretly hang out?


If you are disguising an expanded waistline in a draping goddess dress, a juice fast may be the perfect way to shed pounds while quenching your thirst in the summer months.

Some dietitians believe that in order to give your internal system a break, and to cleanse yourself of toxins that build up and are typically stored in your glands and organs, you need to take twice-yearly breaks from solid foods. The strain that solid foods put on your digestive system, they believe, causes stress in digestion. By taking in the digestible carbohydrates in various juiced fruit, veggie and herb combinations, the body rapidly digests foods without expending too much energy.

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding different juicing fasts and diet cleanses and the extreme effects they have on your jean size, but what exactly are they? Can you really survive for 3, 5, 10 or 12 days without solid foods? The folks at Blueprint Cleanse think so!

Unlike other juice diets which may be lacking the vital nutrition your body needs, the master juicers at Blueprint Cleanse have developed a nutritional cleanse which uses live juices to remove toxins and promote healing by supplying your blood with the vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs to keep you going while you detox and reboot yourself from the inside out.


Zoe Sakoutis, founder of Blueprint Cleanse and a New York City based nutritionist explains, “Depending on the length of the Cleanse, it accomplishes different things. A three-day Cleanse helps the body rid itself of old built up matter and cleanses the blood. A five-day Cleanse starts the process of rebuilding and healing the immune system. A ten-day Cleanse will take care of problems before they arise and fight off degenerative diseases.”

Before committing, explore Blueprint’s website to determine what degree of detox you are looking for. Want more energy and more room in your “skinny jeans”? Sounds like you might qualify for the “Renovation Cleanse”. This cleanse was created to stabilize your moods, increase your productivity, normalize your weight and clear your skin. Since it’s a beginner cleanse, it consists of six tonics including: creamy cashew nut milk with vanilla and cinnamon, combination fruit juices with herbs like pineapple & mint, lemonades with agave nectar, and nourishing green juices which have a balance of fat and calories included in each recipe so that the detox side effects, which may include headaches, red patchy skin and irritability, are minimized.

No matter which level of cleansing you desire, the Blueprint Cleanse team will arm you with all the knowledge and know how you need to get started.


Cheers to good health, brighter skin, and replacing your maxi with a leg-baring mini!

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