First-Aid Kits Go Green – A Definite Summer Do


A picnic in the park with friends? BBQ-ing with family? It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt. In keeping with the eco-friendly trend that’s here to stay, give your first-aid kit an all-natural makeover with the tips below.

For the Sunburned Victims…

Slathering on some gooey fresh Aloe Gel will have you feeling less lobster-esque in no time. Keeping the gel chilly fresh in the fridge is the trick. Aloe cools the skin and helps promote healing. Look for high percentage products or the actual leaf, which can be found in most supermarkets.

For those Outdoor Biters…

Try Jason “Quit Bugging Me” Natural Insect Repellant Spray – A natural insect spray that is light and non-toxic. Its key ingredient is Soybean oil and it’s DEET-free so it’s safe for even the tiniest member of your family.

For a more holistic approach to insect bites, the Whole Foods Market experts recommend taking a Vitamin-B Complex and eating a diet rich in onions and garlic. The combination makes you taste less like dinner and more like a sour grape to the mosquitoes.

Another suggestion from the Whole Foods team: “Try essential oils like citronella and eucalyptus, which can be diluted with water and sprayed on the skin.” This combo will also erve to take the sting and itch out of those bites.

Sometimes Accidents Happen…

And when they do, Eco Guard Bandages For Kids has got you covered. These Latex Free 100% cotton pads are environment-friendly and still perfect for those minor cuts and scrapes.

Before adding the bandage, experts at Whole Foods recommend tea tree oil or witch hazel instead of alcohol for cleaning cuts and burns.

Soreness prevails…

After hiking or playing volleyball you may experience some bumps and bruises. That’s where Arnicare Gel comes in. This homeopathic gel relieves swelling aches, pains, and stiffness fast. Skip the pharmaceutical jungle of choices for the simple tried and true healing powers of Arnicare.

With these items in your first-aid kit, this summer is sure to be fun, safe, and green. Now what are you waiting for? Get out and enjoy!

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