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Lounge in Luxury:

I might be known to rock leggings around the house or on weekends, but I’m always searching for loungewear that’s a bit more polished. Enter my favorite new line of lounge and sleepwear, called Bamjamz, a Canadian bamboo clothing collection that is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. The brand was created to redefine the concept of lounge and sleepwear, through fun, comfortable and stylish designs that you can wear to bed, to the gym, to do errands or just to lounge, they’re versatile and ridiculously comfortable. Bamjamz was created by childhood friends, Brad Rubin and Adrian Kraizel and their signature bamboo stretch fabric keeps you dry and comfortable thanks to its natural wicking and temperature management feature.

Bamjamz has three collections: Signature Dreamz, Spa Dreamz and Graphic Dreams. The Signature Dreamz collection includes sleepwear in basic colors (pinks and blacks) and styles: long tanks, the perfect layering tees, jersey knit leggings and long pants. The Spa Dreamz line includes a long black hoodie, regular hoodie and terry lounge pants, perfect for a day at the spa or to mimic one at home. The Graphic Dreamz collection has tees and tanks embellished with cute sayings and designs that are stylish on their own. These tops are perfect for seamlessly taking your loungewear into the street. Trust me, once you put on these luxurious, soft clothes you will never want to take them off.

To learn more about Bamjamz visit Neiman Marcus or

Bar of the Month:

There’s a new snack on the market from the makers of PROBAR, the original meal replacement bar with 15 whole foods that brings fun flavors and less fat/sugar to the world of energy bars. HALO bars are decadent, dessert-themed snacks with four flavors: S’mores, Rocky Road, Honey Graham, and Nutty Marshmallow. HALO follows in the tradition of all PROBAR foods as they are 100% dairy-free/Vegan, certified organic, a good source of Omegas, just 150 calories, and all-natural. More on the delicious flavors:

• S’Mores: Outdoor enthusiasts will love the taste of this easy, no mess s’mores treat.
• Rocky Road: Traditional and classic, this flavor is a hit anytime of day.
• Nutty Marshmallow: A unique flavor for those with a real hankering for sweet and savory, nuts and marshmallows all in one handy bar.
• Honey Graham: my favorite for those early mornings, this is the perfect combo of sweet with the nostalgia of a graham cracker.
• For more information visit

Post-Workout Beverage:

O.N.E.™, One Natural Experience, are the producers of the only coconut water brand to be certified 100% organic, it also happens to be my favorite post-workout drink. Now, it definitely wasn’t love at first site for me and this coconut drink, although you would think it would have been considering how much I love coconut, but it was a slow start. Try it a few times and you’ll be hooked. It has a slightly sweet taste and is just delicious and refreshing. It has more potassium than a banana and gives essential electrolytes, making it the perfect drink to rehydrate. Unlike artificial-tasting sports drinks; this drink has no added sugar and no preservatives. It is fantastic on its own or can be used as an alternative to water or juice for mixing with protein powders in pre/post workout smoothies. I’m telling you, once you try this drink you will never go back to sugary Gatorade, so make this your drink of choice this spring and summer.

O.N.E.’s product portfolio including O.N.E. Coconut Water, O.N.E. Kids and O.N.E. Active are available in natural products stores, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. For more information on O.N.E. please visit

Headbands with a Purpose:

I could go on about my struggle to find the best earbuds; they either fall out of my ears when I run, the sound stinks and the list goes on, but I guess that’s a completely different story. The fix is a new headband I’ve discovered that has speakers on the inside! Yes, speakers! Similar to those hoodies with speakers (but who works out in a hoodie?) the headbands have a plug for your iPod, so you just plug and go! Considering I always wear headbands when I workout and almost always listen to music, this is definitely my new must-have product. They have a headband for winter (fleece) and for summer that is a more breathable fabric, both which come in three colors and sizes. They are also machine washable (brilliant!) For those like me who can’t seem to find the perfect earbuds and love great music while working out, this headband will make those long runs or bike rides a whole lot more enjoyable this spring and summer!

To learn more and buy these for yourself, visit

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