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Raising the Bar:
When it comes to testing out a new fitness trend I’m always first in line. Especially when the workout promises sculpted arms, flat abs, a lifted seat, and long firm thighs. The Bar Method not only delivers all of the above, but works every muscle in your body. Creator and founder Burr Leonard molded the method into an exercise system that draws from the principles of isometrics, dance conditioning, interval training, and physical therapy.

Burr is currently celebrating the release of two new at home workout DVD’s. Super Sculpting I and Super Sculpting II. Each one hour workout typically starts with a warm up, free weight exercises and push-ups. The class then moves on to leg, seat, and ab work utilizing the bar and the matt. However, Burr has certainly raised the bar with these super sculpting workouts. Each DVD is packed with aerobic versions at a fast track pace. You’ll start with four sets of thigh-work, incorporated the ball and the bar transforming your seat almost instantly, then moving on to an intense ab workout! If you want instant results, look no further–this is the workout for you.

The Bar Method Studio
155 Spring St.
New York, NY 10012
DVD $20.00 Retail

Just What the Doctor Ordered:
Who needs P90x when you can have similar results in just one week. David Kirsh’s Seven Day Prescription is fierce and broken down into quick intense thirty minute workouts. I’ve done P90x before and although its proven to be effective long term, there are days when you just can’t fit in a 90 minute workout. Not to mention the commitment level of working out six days a week for 90 days straight. The only thing I tend to stick with for that long is my signature drink at Starbucks. If you’re anything like me, David Kirsh’s workout has got you covered!

Don’t let the cover fool you–this workout, although intense, can be geared towards a man or a woman just by lightening the weight factor. Kirsch gives you seven different disciplines with each DVD including, yoga, pilates, energizing boot camp for cardio, four body shaping and toning workouts focusing on legs, butt, and abs, chest and triceps, back and butt, and shoulders and triceps. For those of you who prefer not to isolate your muscle groups, he also includes a powerful total body workout and a DVD on restoring and stretching the body in addition to the yoga and pilates series.

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