Fit Finds: January 2013


Spark People…Total Body Sculpting DVD:

“Total Body Sculpting is the second workout from America’s #1 diet and fitness website with more than 12 million members and features three efficient interval workouts with an interactive calendar and bonus moves to tone your butt and legs.”

Ultimate Kettle bell Workouts for Beginners:

“Ultimate Kettle Bell Workouts features top kettle bell master instructor, Paul Katami. Among his master list of celebrity clients include Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. Katami created three workouts including a step-by-step tutorial to ensure exercisers have all the secrets and proper techniques to use the calorie-torching body shapers effectively.”

“Kettle bell weights have been popular for centuries, and today more people than ever are discovering their incredible benefits. Combining strength training with aerobic activity, kettle bell workouts are proven to burn calories while building strength and flexibility. Safe and proper form is absolutely essential to reaping the full rewards of this exercise system to activate the whole body.”

Dr. Lisa: Yoga Blast:

“The first workout from the female co-host of the Emmy® Award-winning series The Doctors as well as the first workout created for women by a practicing female doctor. As a busy doctor, mom, TV host, and author, Dr. Lisa knows a thing or two about staying healthy and fitting exercise into a busy schedule. These three efficient total-body yoga workouts can suit any lifestyle.”

Canyon Ranch: Yoga for Strength & Energy:

“From the leading spa and wellness resort, Yoga for Strength and Energy features two total-body workouts, plus recipes and bonus segments sharing their diet and wellness secrets.”

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