Fit Finds: February 2014


Gorilla Gym:
Now that the New Year is in full swing and you’re doing your best to stick to your new year’s resolution, why not shake things up a bit and add some excitement to your daily workout routine without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Introducing, the “Gorilla Gym,” an airborne complete workout system that fits conveniently on any standard size doorway. Equipped with cardio, ab, and strength training workouts just 11 minutes a day can give you the same results as a regular 45-60 minute workout. By exercising in the air, you are forcing your body to use all 11 muscle groups. You can even purchase the attachment and turn your gorilla gym into a boxing or yoga workout in seconds.

Here is a live demo:


As motivating as the name sounds, so is this app. Download to any tablet or visit and experience hundreds of professional workout videos. Everything from cardio to Yoga, Pilates, and strength training, brings a professional trainer right into the comfort of your own home. Offering a 30 day free trial there is no need to commit without ensuring you are getting the support you need to see results! They offer six month memberships for as low as $48 and annual memberships for $84–a small price to pay for convenience, motivation, and professional support.

Winter Warrior Workout NYSC:
New classes will launch February 3rd and will include 45 minute workouts featuring various circuits, including the BOSU, the Glide Board and Power Sport Stretches.

1) BOSU circuits provide ball stability and strength and plyometric exercises, which increase balance and agility for skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, to get in shape and tackle the winter elements head on. Moves include one-legged squats, straddle jumps, and thigh raises.

2) The Glide Board circuit includes simulated speed skating and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to heat up the body even more, burn calories, and engage the inner thighs and abs. Moves include Jack-knife planks, sliding lunges, mountain climbers.

3) Power sport stretches increase the balance challenge and muscle endurance with Warrior-yoga-based stretches, skater stretches, skier stretches, hockey hip flexor stretches, luge lunges, and snowboard sits. Active recovery cools you down by holding these stretches longer than the typical class would, increasing strength, flexibility and balance, all while finding your breath and increasing concentration.

Chaise Fitness 92nd Street Y Studio:

Only one word describes this studio—innovative. Chaise Fitness, founded by mother Lauren Priskin and daughter Rachel Priskin, a former ballet professional has created its own class in the workout world by introducing the Reinvention Method to the Upper East Side. This revolutionary workout infuses Pilates, ballet, and strength training by incorporating an overhead bungee system that will literally transform your body and create long lean muscle. Home to several instructors, most who gave up their corporate life to pursue their passion in fitness, Chaise Fitness has built a strong following in its recent years once members started to see drastic results in just four months.

Reinvention Chair Class:

Chaise Fitness Signature Workout

This workout is addictive! It is basically a mini version of the Pilates reformer X 10. Imagine being able to strength train using your own body weight and adding resistance not only to the bottom of your body, allowing you to sculpt and tone your upper and inner thighs, buttocks and calf muscles, but on the top of your body as well, allowing you to tone your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulder, and back area creating the ultimate total body workout.

Not all women are built to be able to handle free weights or tend to bulk up quickly if they don’t keep the weight low and the reps high. Because this workout allows you to use your own body weight and implements multiple reps per circuit, you will actually loose inches and watch your muscles get longer and leaner!

TRX Class:

This class whether you have been working out for months or years will kick your butt into high gear! If you are looking to shake up your routine and really shock your body—this is the class for you. Each class is intimate with only a max of 10-12 people. Several TRX cables hang down from the ceiling and beneath your feet lays a multi-layered foam cushioned floor, which helps to prevent injury making this class a definite for newcomers. Set to the tone f an aerobics class, you will run through several circuits designed to tone the upper and lower body incorporating, cardio, strength training, and abs.

Ballet Bungee Class:

This class, taught by co-founder Rachel Priskin is designed to enhance flexibility, balance and core development, while improving posture. This class is all about lengthening and strengthening and ultimately helps to build lean muscle.

The 92nd St Y Studio location opens Saturday February 1st and welcomes new members with a promotional intro package—3 classes for $33. In NYC, that’s a small price to pay for a full out body transformation.

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