Fit Finds: Healthy and Trendy Finds for September


Maybe I’m stuck in a never ending state of nostalgia filled with memories of shopping for my back to school outfit, finding the coolest backpack, and choosing the latest trendy trapper keeper, but September (not January) has always felt like the beginning of the year to me.

In an effort to push my ‘K-12’ nostalgia onto BN readers everywhere – below are the newest ‘must-haves’ that’ll make you feel like the coolest kid in class…err…I mean the office!

Physhion Fitness Bags


Physhion’s Vixen Bag

As adults, backpacks filled with textbooks are ditched for handbags filled with make-up, cell phones, ipods, and gym clothes. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could carry it all in just one trendy bag? Well, with Physhion we can! This new line of handbags combines the esthetics of a stunning handbag with the functionality and practicality of the best gym bag you’ve ever seen.

With names like Siren, Vixen, Hipster and Fashionista, the four different silhouettes are designed to fit the lifestyles and personalities of different women. The exterior facades are covered in coated twill canvas and trimmed in Italian patent leathers while their interiors are 100% waterproof. Guaranteed to have the ladies in your gym jealous about more than just your ‘A+’ lifting form.

Rembrandt Whitening Touch-Up Pen

Betcha never thought a pen would ever be useful for more than writing notes in class! Well, the innovators at Rembrandt will certainly have you gaping with their Whitening Touch-Up Pen. This pen-like product is a convenient and portable way to touch-up your smile while on-the-go. Formulated with a unique fast-acting peroxide, this pen is guaranteed to whiten teeth for a brighter smile in just 14 days!
Available at your local drugstore.

Cabaret Brewed Chocolate

Whatever age we are, we’ll always love chocolate. But as we grow (and our metabolism slows) it’s important to be smarter about our chocolate choices, and that’s where Brewed Chocolate comes in. This low fat low calorie beverage is offered as a basic alternative to coffee, tea, and even wine. Made from raw, unground cocoa beans, the flavor is the natural taste of the cacao, more like a chocolate tea than a traditional hot chocolate. In fact, many people who drink Brewed Chocolate do so as a healthy alternative to coffee. It gives a gentle energy lift without the jitteriness associated with coffee. Now what generic chocolate bar can promise all that?

NikeID Sneakers

my very own (uber-colorful) Nike ID Creation!

Sneakers have definitely advanced since we were in Phys. Ed Class! With Nike’s Nike ID service, you can create a truly creative customized shoe that allows you to express your unique style. Besides choosing colors for every part of the shoe from the heel to the shoelaces, Nike ID even allows you to personalize your creation by adding your own id to the side of the shoe. Indulge your inner artist and log on to Nike ID now!

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