Fit Finds: Tap into your inner Soul Cycle with Studio 360


When it comes to working out, I find that if you really want to see results, you have to trick your body as often as you can. Never get stuck in a rut or follow the same routine for too long. My exercise routine consists of the following…Monday-Insanity (Cardio) Tuesday-TRX (Tone) Wednesday- Brazilian But lift (Tone/ It does wonders for my lower body) Thursday-Yoga (Stretch) Friday- Spinning (Cardio).

These days I am all about synergy. Why settle for a soup or a salad when you can get half of each in a combo? When it comes to fitness, I expect nothing less. Studio 360 is the first and only studio in Manhattan to offer a holistic approach to fitness by combining the physical intensity of the body with the powerful energy of the mind. In just 60 minutes, I can combine two experiences into one and enjoy all that cycling and yoga have to offer.

“Studio 360…The Next Revolution”

When I first entered the studio, I was greeted by two yogis eager to help me get settled in. I was offered water, a towel, and a hair band—a huge bonus for me since I can never remember to bring one!

The first portion of the 60 minute class is the cycling. I was given specific shoes to help add additional weight and keep my feet properly grounded onto the bike. The cycling studio itself was nothing less than psychedelic. Brick walls lined the back of the studio, neon workout gear shined brightly against the black light, a modern playlist with a mix of house and soul music filled the room. We were commanded by a cyclist who was committed to perfecting our form and would expect nothing less than 100 percent. The next 30 minutes were grueling, but well worth the effort. I felt a surge of energy come on as I finished the class and started to gear up excitement for the yoga portion. There is no better feeling than having a professional guide your body into the deepest stretch possible after a great workout!

The next 30 minutes were nothing short of nirvana. I must admit, I wasn’t sure if 30 minutes of yoga would be enough to get me in a meditative state. But, with the right guidance and the right instructor anything is possible. The yoga portion was a Vinyassa style flow that was intermediate and easy to follow. Various adjustments were given to each move based on your level so you could kick it up a notch if desired. Additional water was provided to help keep our bodies hydrated the entire time. At the end of the class I felt rejuvenated.

Studio 360 has lead us into the next revolution and tapped into our inner soul cycle.

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