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Beauty News sat down with former Middle Weight Boxing Champion and Aerospace Gym Co-Founder Michael Olajide to talk about why boxing is the ultimate workout for achieving your best natural frame and for getting rid of unwanted stress!!!

Michael Olajide

BN: You were a professional boxer before you started teaching lay folks how to punch. Is there a boxing philosophy that you teach your students?
MO: Whenever I did anything professionally (physically), I strove to be in impeccable physical condition. I’ll never forget the one time I wasn’t physically prepared for a fight and it was the longest 40 minutes of my life. Whether it’s control in boxing, or business, if you don’t have control over yourself, you’re at an automatic disadvantage. Get in shape and you’ll have the competitive edge.

BN: Your gym is machine free, what does that mean and can you get a complete work out without a treadmill?
MO: In a traditional gym, the machines are doing 50% of the work for you. Boxing forces the body to emulate actions of everyday life, reaching, being quick to move, and thinking on your feet. This allows your muscles to stay limber and promotes strength and endurance. Unlike lifting heavy weights in the gym, boxing helps you to achieve your best natural frame. In the ring, heavy muscle and weight is not an advantage. The best boxers are natural in their build.

BN: How would someone reading this article tap their “power inside” and come out and try boxing.
MO: Certain people think it’s not in their nature to be aggressive and hit things. But if you are human and especially if you live in NYC you will benefit from it. People put glass ceilings on themselves and their abilities. I encourage everyone to try something new, that’s what life about, new and positive experiences; grab those when you can. The energy here, you have to come and feel it. Try a class for 10 minutes, come bac; stay longer next time. Every single time you will be better than you were last. That’s indisputable. That’s Aerospace.

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Going away for the weekend? All you need to pack in order to get an amazing workout: a jump rope and some sneakers. Find a hard flat surface like a driveway, indoor/outdoor carpet, or a wood floor that’s not too polished and try this workout. Whether you’re a lead foot or a gummy bear, this workout will give you an Aero-mazing workout!

Start with light running in place. Next perform a series of jumping jacks. Each one should last 30-45 seconds max. Expect to be winded because you are making a sudden demand from your cardiovascular system that it may not be used to. This doesn’t mean you are out of shap; it does mean you are taking your body into work mode. You will catch your breath and be able to do more over time. However anytime you feel too uncomfortable, you can stop and catch your breath by walking side to side.

Ok, you are over the 1st hurdle. Now that your upper and lower body are ready to perform and your cardio/respiratory system has been ignited, slow the pace down and do a simple, but quick, stretch of the upper and lower extremities. Don’t hold any stretch any longer than 5-7 seconds.

– Start by jumping the rope for 2 minutes straight (yes the rope will probably catch your foot, but you did it when you were five years old, so don’t give up). Land lightly on your feet and spin the rope with a flick of your wrists.
– On the side of the couch, chair, bench or table (as long as you can keep the head elevated above the shoulders) do a series of 10 pushups (the girly ones are fine, performed on bent knees), twice.
– Pick up the rope and jump another 2 minutes, this time jump on one foot for a 4 count and then jump to the other foot for a 4 count (one turn/one jump).
– Sitting on the floor or using a bench, table, couch, etc, do a series of tricep sits; 10 dips, repeat 2 times.
– Pick up the rope and run in place, lifting the knees up as high as you can for 2 minutes.
– Then do 10 pushups and 10 tricep dips.
– Lower heart rate, by walking across the room. Stretch thoroughly.

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