Four Workouts You Can Do On A SUP Board


SUP’ing, otherwise known as Stand Up Paddle Boarding, is an incredible full body work out that helps tone legs, glutes, core, arms – pretty much every part of the body. According to, you can burn up to 500 calories an hour stand up paddle boarding. SUP’ing is one of my favorite water sport activities, and I wanted to find out some other exercises you can do to make the most out of your SUP board, and how to choose the right now. I decided to chat with Stephan Aarstol, Founder and CEO of Tower Paddle Boards on different workouts you can do on a SUP Board and which boards are best for your lifestyle.


“Yoga on the water challenges balance and coordination. It is also a great mental work out and super relaxing on the water. The best Tower board for yoga is the 11’5″ Social because of its length and volume. You want as much stability as possible for a SUP yoga work out. Good yoga postures to try on the board include basic Sun Salutation A and B (it is amazing how much even an avid yogi will be challenged by the added factor of water!), core work (especially laying or otherwise making yourself low to the board), inversions for the playful and advanced yogis, and deep stretching on the water is incredibly relaxing.”


“Look for a board that’s 10’6″ in size for surfing. This length can handle waves up to 4-5 feet with ease. SUP surfing is great for a full body work out and endurance training as it requires paddling out past the break and reading, catching a wave (where balance will be challenged to the max) and it requires knowledge of waves.”


“Long distance paddling is great for endurance and is a fantastic full body workout as the motion of a correct paddle stroke engages everything from shoulders to core and obliques to glutes and quads from bending your knees to dig your paddle in.”


“Racing and power paddling is an awesome and up and coming sport! There are races all over the country, especially during summer months. If you are planning to race though, you’re going to want to train and get the right board to really compete. The iRace is awesome because it’s an inflatable board (so transportable to different cities for races), and still very rigid and has a super pointy nose to cut through water. Some good training ideas are doing 100, 200 and 400 yard paddles and practicing different types of turns (sweeps, pivots, cross bow) around bouys.”

So what are you waiting for? Start SUP’ing!

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