Fruit in Time of Frost: There’s a bounty of healthful options beneath the wintry landscape



For fresh food enthusiasts, nothing beats the summertime joy of recently picked fruit selections available at farmers’ markets. But when we feel winter’s chill, we know that the days of flavor-bursting New England blueberries, crisp Washington apples and juicy Georgia peaches are gone.

The first snowfall doesn’t have to mean a months-long adieu to all things fruity, however. Here are a few tips to help you make it through the brisk winter months without the fruit-serving sacrifice:


• Chill out: Prepared and packaged during peak-season months, frozen fruit can add a great amount of flavor and appetizing color to smoothies and protein shakes. Cherries and raspberries can also add a touch of sweet or sour to warm, winter-welcome entrée sauces and glazes.


• Focus on what’s fresh: Winter may seem like a fresh-fruit hiatus, but many citrus and tropical fruits reach peak during these months. Grapefruit, navel oranges, kumquats, passion fruit and kiwi are all well qualified candidates to fill the winter void.


• Eat the best, preserve the rest: Gather your favorite summertime fruits and encapsulate them into yearlong jams, jellies and marmalades. Transform tomatoes, a less obvious summer fruit, into zesty marinara sauces (canned or frozen) and salsa to provide a kick when winter’s palate gets monotonous. With proper preparation, canned goods also make a great standby gift.


• Taste the exotic. Potent juice supplements can provide a quick, easy way to meet your daily fruit requirements in small-serving liquid form. Consider juice supplements from Pure Fruit Technologies to reap the health benefits and unique taste of several exotic fruits like Dr. Oz’s recommended mangosteen and goji berries, as well as omega-7-rich seabuckthorn berries.

– Dr. Wayne Geilman, a senior research scientist, investigates traditional ethnobotanical uses of plants and fruits. He formulates products and develops processes that allow Pure Fruit Technologies to provide the benefits of fruit consumption to people around the world.

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