Get Fired Up for a “Fierce” summer


It was right around Memorial Day when my membership at a crowded, uninspiring gym that shall remain nameless ended, and I decided it was time to try something new for the summer. This would be the first time in a long time that I would be without a gym membership, and I was excited to try new classes and activities and see what felt right. Around this time, a friend told me about a new Yoga Studio that recently opened in SoHo, and the name alone caught my attention: The Fierce Club. I’ve done yoga before, it’s not something I’m particularly good at, but I do like the spiritual connection and the fact that you can de-stress while working out. I decided to check out the Fierce Club for myself to see if their name was any indication of the way they teach yoga.

I went in one evening to watch a class already in progress and immediately fell in love with the long, narrow, loft-like space. The studio, dimly lit, with high ceilings and unique artwork, has quite a personality. As I watched the class, Sadie, one of the owners, explained the positions in such an entertaining, easy to understand manner, unlike so many instructors I’ve had in the past. The style, that Sadie is the founder of, is Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, one that both beginners and advanced students can find inspiring and challenging.

This is the whole philosophy behind the Fierce Club, owners Shannon and Sadie wanted to create a studio where all students feel welcome, no matter their level. Their cutting edge approach will give you the rewards of a 90-minute, gym-strength, cardio and muscle-sculpting workout, but in just ONE hour – sounds pretty amazing, right? Shannon and Sadie want people to have fun, work hard, listen to popular, funky music, and strengthen their minds and bodies. Never preachy, bossy or condescending, the Fierce Club instructors want, and challenge you, to find that power that lies within.

The two owners of the Fierce Club, Sadie and Shannon who I mention above, make this place so special. Sadie’s specialty is to give you a hardcore workout, deepening your alignment knowledge and making your practice attainable. Sadie will show you how to directly apply yoga to the world you live in, moving your life to the next level as you transform your mind, body and heart. Shannon, certified in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, left corporate America after a decade to pursue her vision of creating a center where everyone can come together to expand in courage and creativity, and be inspired.

After taking 4 classes, I can honestly say that I am hooked and will gladly continue to be a Fierce Club groupie. The yoga is challenging, but is incredibly rewarding. The Fierce Club will make you sweat, tone, sculpt and burn calories, all without being overwhelmed. You’ll leave more powerful, lean, flexible and ready to face the day. I’ve found myself leaving each class feeling stronger and proud of myself for improving; it’s really a natural high.

On the weekends, the Fierce Club hosts events by authors, lecturers and teachers from across the country, live DJ’s spinning music (that you do Yoga to!) and tons of other unique offerings that will definitely spice up your summer. Visit for a coupon for a free class and as they say, “participate in your life caught on fire.”

The Fierce Club
269 Elizabeth St.
Ground Level, Just south of Houston St.

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