Good Vibrations: The Ultrasonic New Toothbrush from Emmi-dent


For centuries, nothing much has been altered in the design of the humble toothbrush. It’s an object we all use a few times a day, and other than a new handle shape or color, and some new fangled bristles, it’s pretty much the same as it’s been for eons. Even with the advent of the battery powered toothbrush, which is faster and easier, not much has changed. That is, until now. The Ultrasonic Toothbrush by Emmi-dent is a brand new toothbrush and isn’t like any of the others I’ve tried before.

The difference is the Emmi-dent brush has an ultrasonic microchip embedded into the brush head which creates 84 million ultrasonic impulses per minute, as opposed to approximately 30,000 mechanical rotations from electric or battery powered brushes.

Used with special Emmi-dent nano-bubbles toothpaste, the ultrasonic impulses are able to penetrate teeth and gums to destroy bacteria and germs that bristles can’t reach. This helps guard against periodontal disease and makes teeth super clean. Additionally, the Emmi-dent toothbrush and paste combo whitens teeth better than whitening toothpastes.

What does it feel like to use?

It takes a little getting used to because it feels like nothing much is happening. On my first use, I was expecting a similar sensation to what I feel with my battery toothbrush, but instead, the Emmi-dent brush felt like it was hardly moving. Instructions say to keep it resting in an area for about 5-10 seconds before moving on to the next area. That’s the biggest difference, unlike a typical electric toothbrush it barely moves. Actually it is, it just feels like it’s not. It takes less work and a little longer time to complete the cleansing, but after you’re finished, your mouth feels unbelievably clean. The ultrasonic technology kills bacteria 12 mm under the gum line where bristles cannot reach. This toothbrush is safe to use if you have crowns, implants, veneers, or braces.

And for your germaphobes, the ultrasound will even disinfect the bristles for you. It’s great for travel and once charged it’s good for approximately 20 days before having to recharge.

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