In the Gym Bag: Spring’s Hottest Fitness Trends


There is only one word for this jacket – fierce. This is my ultimate staple piece for spring. When it comes to fitness, I am definitely fashion forward. It’s not just about getting to the gym and making a statement with my body, but I want to also be able to make a statement with my workout clothes. I am usually drawn to pieces bright in color. I tend to gravitate towards pink, yellow, anything pastel or sometimes even neon, but for me this electric blue stood out above all.

Brand Name: Splits59
Style Name: Hurdle Liquid Python Performance Jacket
Retail Price: $158
Where to Purchase:

I have always been labeled as an “over-packer.” Some have referred to me as the bag lady. My typical work week consists of me carrying a gym bag, a lunch bag (how people can afford to order out for lunch every day is beyond me…) and a yoga mat. When I travel, I am usually the one who brings two bags for an overnight stay. One for my clothes and a separate bag for my shoes and hair accessories—you know just in case. When it comes to the gym, I definitely like to abide by the phrase “less is more” and try to limit my baggage as much as I can. Thanks to Lole, and their all new multipurpose bag, I can now use the Lara Bag to carry my yoga mat to the studio, workout, and turn it into a duffle bag so I am getting two bags for the price of one!

Brand Name: Lole
Style Name: Lara Yoga Mat Bag
Retail Price: $80
Where to Purchase:

So, I am not an avid runner. I actually will admit that I hate running on a treadmill and prefer to run outside – less impact on my ankles and more scenery. These sneakers are by far the lightest I have worn, which makes it much easier for me to run indoors. I feel no impact whatsoever. The Fresh Foam 980 is designed with innovative technologies providing a revolutionary approach to neutral running by combining ultra-plush cushioning in a natural, lower to the ground style that offers a super soft, consistent and safe ride. By combining the intelligence and experience of a human designer with cutting edge computer software, New Balance is able to manipulate the midsole on the Fresh Foam 980 to give runners soft cushioning properties and inherent stability, a combination never seen before in the running marketplace.

The Fresh Foam 980 has a simple, technical no-sew upper in a breathable air mesh package that wraps the foot in all the right places. A unique hand spray painted finish and fresh, eye-catching designs provide a lower to the ground running shoe ideal for any run, workout or even fashion statement.

Brand Name: New Balance
Style Name: Fresh Foam 980
Retail Price: $110.00
Where to Purchase:

Ever find yourself in a rush after a workout where you don’t want to shower, but still want to feel fresh and clean for your commute home? Well, the makers of Sweatblock and CloSYS Breath Spray have got you covered.

SweatBlock is an antiperspirant soaked soft towelette that stops sweating for up to 7 days. Not that I recommend you use the towlettes in place of showering this week, but you get the idea. Simply dab the towelette within each underarm hairline right before bed once per week or after a work out. It will not leave a film or sticky residue like regular deodorant.

CloSYS Breath Spray is a great beauty essential for those on the go! The sugar-free, mint flavored spray lets you keep a fresh, healthy feeling all day and it’s conveniently-sized spray bottle fits perfectly in a purse, pocket or gym bag, so that you can always have CloSYS on hand. CloSYS also carries toothpaste and mouthwash that are free of alcohol and sulfates and are pH balanced.

Brand Name: Closys
Style Name: Closys Breath Spray
Retail Price: $2.99 each
Where to Purchase:

Brand Name: SweatBlock
Style Name: SweatBlock
Retail Price: $19.99
Where to Purchase:

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