Health Is Wealth: A Roundup


Here are some new products with integrity that will bolster your health quota, and a Slide Effect that will definitely boost your bottom line:

Red Ace Beet Juice combines the nourishing power of organic beets with just a touch of caffeine (equal to 1/3 a cup of coffee). It’s fair trade certified with no sugar or sodium added, so you can harness the unadulterated power of beets and their vitamins and minerals for energetic workouts. Beets improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Find this at

Reliv’s SoySentials powder is chock full of bone-building Luna Rich soy powder and other essentials for managing PMS and supporting the immune system. Each can provides a month’s supply of filling and incredibly tasty Luna Rich powder, which is great with almond milk, soy milk, water, and reduced fat or whole milk. Order online at

Volo Vitamins were invented by a dad who grew tired of all of the nonessential added ingredients in his children’s vitamins – not to mention the harmful ones – so he created a purer vitamin for children (the adult version is soon to follow, but try the kids version in the meantime). With no added sugars, 17 different fruits, and a slight fizz, Volo Vitamins can easily be added to a cup of water or juice. Stock up at

Vitamints are a brilliant idea whose time has come: vitamins combined with a breath mint. Try one before heading into a party – not only will your breath be fresh, but you’ll feel a lift from B and C vitamins, or more. Vitamints are available in Calm, Immune, Focus, Energy and Multi for Women;

The Slide Effect is the perfect size for city apartments, and a sound solution for toning abs and core stabilizer muscles. Combine cardio and weight resistance in the privacy of home whenever you please with this inventive machine that fits easily under a bed. You can even slide the weight off while watching your favorite show. For more info, check out the video at

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