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You can’t watch TV, read a magazine or go into a pharmacy these days without seeing a new, breakthrough anti-aging cream or serum. Yet, one has to wonder that If good skin really comes from the inside out, then shouldn’t you be more concerned with what you put inside you than on you? It just so happens that one of the latest trends in beauty and nutrition is called Nutricosmetics, which are “beauty foods,” and help to transform skin from the inside-out. At the forefront of this trend is the brand Isocell North America, who recently launched a new brand of nutraceuticals called GliSODin™ Skin Nutrients.

GliSODin Skin Nutrients will promote a natural healthy glow by eliminating harmful toxins, while rejuvenating and hydrating the skin, helping to prevent premature aging. Available in 4 formulas, the Skin Brightening Formula promotes even skin tone, the Daily Formula works to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, the Detoxification Formula stimulates the body’s vital systems and eliminates harmful toxins that can cause blemished and dull skin, and the final formula supports medical aesthetic procedures to minimize bruising and swelling.

“We want to make a difference and deliver real results that will improve people’s lives and give them a feeling of rejuvenation that they’ve never felt before when using any other product,” says Paula Simpson, Executive Director of Isocell North America. Therfore, what better person to ask about the products and their benefits than Paula Simpson herself. Paula holds a degree in Nutrition and over 15 years experience in product formulation an program development for the Nutraceutical and Medical Aesthetic Industry and so here’s some answers to those burning questions I’m sure you already have:

BN: What are Nutricosmetics, how are they beneficial for overall health/wellness?
PS: Nutricosmetics are natural health products that may contain botanical extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and/or essential fatty acids that are taken orally to nourish the largest organ (the skin), by promoting the production of healthier new skin cells and protecting the skin from accelerated aging. Other products you may find help to nourish hair, nails or promote internal cleansing. Nutricosmetics can provide critical nutrients and antioxidants proven to optimize skin cell turnover and protect the skin from free radical damage.

BN: Can you tell me more about GliSODin Skin Nutrients?
PS: Developed by Nutritionists and Dermatologists, GliSODin Skin Nutrients is a Professional Nutricosmetic Line targeted to promote healthy beautiful skin and enhance the effects of medical aesthetic procedures. This health professional grade line is only sold through Premium Day Spas, Medical Spas, Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons.

BN: What can be treated by taking Nutricosmetics?
PS: Depending on the product ingredients and formulation, Nutricosmetics can help to hydrate the skin, promote evening of skin tone, support firmness and elasticity, help to reduce blemished prone or dry, inflamed skin conditions. They may also protect the skin from environmental stressors that accelerate skin aging.

BN: What role, if any, do Nutricosmetics play in weight loss?
PS: Cleansing/Detoxification programs can work very well by eliminating toxins and bacteria that build up in our system. If the key filters in the body (liver, digestion) are supported properly then toxins will be neutralized and removed from the body before they are stored in our fat tissue, in our skin, hair or nails. This is also critical to help maintain a healthy weight.

BN: What role does skin health play in ones overall health?
PS: The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore places incredible demands for optimal growth and repair. Physiological functions of the skin include: Protection – the skin is the main barrier from the external environment, Fluid and electrolyte balance, Thermoregulation, Detoxification, Regulation of immunological processes.

As we age, these functions can be dramatically compromised. By providing the body with the correct nutrients and antioxidants (that can be difficult to attain on a daily basis through diet alone,) skin is best protected and nourished daily.

BN: Are there Nutricosmetics that you recommend at different ages (20s, 30s, 40s) and why?
PS: 20’s – protect the skin from UV and environmental pollants, promote evening of skin tone. Seek antioxidant rich formulas.

30’s – same as the 20’s but seek formulations that will help to hydrate the skin
40’s – same as above plus amino acid rich and look for rich formulations that will help to support skin firmness and texture

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