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Got soul? The city’s latest and greatest in luxe spinning facilities is SoulCycle’s new Tribeca studio, opened just a few months ago. The self-name company that brought you an endorphin “high on sweat and the hum of the wheel” at its ever-popular Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Long Island studios, presents their gleaming flagship in another hotspot of potential SoulCycler worshippers. And it’s already on quite a roll.

As the 5th SoulCycle studio to debut in New York, the Warren Street location has sold out every weekend since the opening. It’s not difficult to see why. The studio boasts the heart-pumping, inspirational vibe felt in SoulCycle’s other facilities. Dark rooms, flickering candlelight, and thumping soundtracks lay the groundwork for a spiritual, upbeat, addictive workout (and a guaranteed rock-hard core!) while the brand’s signature minimalist decorative qualities of clean, bare white walls and light silver and yellow accents promote energy, serenity and focus.

Appearance aside, the SoulCycle Tribeca studio pushes for that extra mile -just as you will with the encouragement of the one of the studio’s many passionate instructors. Spinners can now enjoy more expansive locker and bathroom facilities, complete with showers and chic, soothing stone covered mats, for a much roomier take on the SoulCycle original studios. At the Upper East Side studio, space is definitely to be desired. Bending over to remove my cycling shoes, my derriere was inevitably in some poor person’s face. Say goodbye to all of those feel-good endorphins!

But Tribeca’s gem is quite the opposite. The entrance is open and bright, complete with a long reception desk (for faster check-in) and an accessible corner (for easy browsing) of sleek, functional cycling apparel for sale.

The studio has not one, but two rooms of bikes: one of which can accommodate 60 spinners, the other about 40. Just as all of the SoulCycle studios, the newest encourages you to “raise the roof of your very own cardio party” with a 45-minute Soul Trip class or an endurance-geared 60-minute Soul Survivor class. Try Soul Survivor, as I did, if you can handle having burning quads for a week post-spinning session.

Looking for a more intensive upper body workout? The 40-person studio is also the site of one of SoulCycle’s newest classes: Soul Band, which started in late January 18. The Tribeca studio received spinners in its specially designed studio featuring resistance bands on a sliding track above each bike. Talk about an aggressive full body workout!

Whether you’re a spinning beginner at the back of the room (like I was) or an already obsessed cycler tearing up the front row, SoulCycle’s new studio is sure to leave you sweaty, toned, and wholly rejuvenated. One other nicety, is that the people that work there are as sweet as can be, so accommodating, helpful and really make sure you feel at home and comfortable.

SoulCycle Tribeca is located at 103 Warren Street @ Westside Highway. Call 212-406-1300 or visit soul-cycle.com to book your class.

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