From Binge to Cleanse


Celebs have made Organic Avenue the hottest cleanse on the market. Follow our writer as she attempts their most intense, all-juice cleanse.

“I am happy, I am joyous, I am free” is the mantra Organic Avenue tells you to say as you start their cleanse.

This company, with a cult celebrity following, is known for their Live.Organic.Vegan.Experience. (LOVE), with five different programs to meet your cleansing needs. I’d never cleansed before, nor do I have what you’d consider the healthiest of lifestyles, but I decided to dive right in, and opted for the LOVE*deep; an all-liquid, three-day, cold-pressed juice cleanse dedicated to “pure energized food, in the shortest amount of time.”

The juice comes in returnable, eco-friendly bottles (that you’ve likely seen Gwyneth toting in US Weekly), and can be picked up at various locations, or delivered for an additional fee. I started my cleanse on a Sunday, and picked up my bottles at the quaint Upper East Side store.

Typically, my Sunday morning starts off with few Advil to ward off the previous night’s wine consumption, often followed by a boozy, caloric-induced brunch. I decided to kick off my cleanse weekend on the right, “new-healthy-me foot,” and spent it booze-free, and incorporate exercise. My only ailment was a headache — not due to frivolous imbibing, but because I was unable to have my morning cup (or three) of coffee. This cleanse is caffeine-free. I might as well wear a sign around my neck that says, “Get Out The Way.”

Each day starts with a shot of the chlorophyll, that tastes like what I can only describe as “plant-y,” and followed two-hours later by a grapefruit drink. I’ve never enjoyed grapefruit juice, or even the fruit itself, yet this was not only palatable, but also fresh and delicious. Honestly, it would be fantastic with a splash of vodka. By early evening, I’d consumed more veggies in fresh-pressed juice, than I have in the entire month of August. And they were all pretty good – some of them really good. I even had enough energy for a short run around the park. I can’t say that a dirty water dog cart didn’t catch my eye, but I came home to a fresh juice and wasn’t hungry the entire day.

By day two, I woke up ready to show off my juices at the office, but what I hadn’t anticipated was the slight torture of my coworkers prancing around with steaming cups of coffee and doughnut holes. Luckily, the pear juice is heaven in a bottle, and I scoffed to myself at their unhealthy habits. I had more energy than expected, and managed to squeeze in a yoga class at lunch. (Who am I?)

By the third (and last) day of the cleanse, I woke up well rested with more energy than I have after my typical morning coffee binge. I felt lighter, and my stomach wasn’t sporting its everyday spare tire look. But I was hungry for the first time on this cleanse, and if it were not being in the homestretch, I would have considered robbing an elderly woman of her breakfast pastry. It seemed that every commercial on the television appeared to be touting Nachos BelGrande or a Never Ending Pasta Bowl, and somehow, an order of cupcakes magically appeared on the counter near my desk.

Organic Avenue says that, “This complete fast from solid food is not for the faint of heart. But nothing matches the surge of energy and incredible clarity that comes from drenching the body with vital nutrients.” I’m certainly grateful that they sympathize with my efforts.

In conclusion, I’d highly recommend the Organic Avenue LOVE*deep cleanse. My body definitely needed a break from the steady diet of Pinot Noir and Hot Pockets. My skin looks glow-y, and it was the perfect jumpstart to healthier eating. One might think that I’d spend my first day off the cleanse parked outside my beloved taco truck. But instead I opted for an Organic Avenue Cocao Love* Smoothie (incredible!) and a light salad. I’ve even managed to keep off the five pounds that I dropped. I’d say that calls for a celebratory glass of wine. Hold the Hot Pocket.

Organic Avenue
116 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 358-0500

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