Holistic Health Coaches: the latest trend for long-term wellness

These days, the term “healthy” generally brings up visions of green juice, chia seeds and weekly yoga sessions. Going the “all-natural” route is the hot new health trend that doesn’t seem to be going away – and that’s something we at BN can get on board with.

So, in the name of all things on-trend and all-natural, I decided to replace my typical gym workouts and quick-fix diets with a holistic health coach. Holistic health is all the rage right now and after a month of working with my coach Sarah Anne Stewart, founder of Introducing Wellness, I can see why!

As a holistic health coach, Sarah Anne told me that her job is to provide 24/7 care and attention to her clients. She’s worked with a wide range of clients ranging from women with fertility issues, to people with chronic pain, to people who are just looking for overall wellness tips they can really stick with. I fell in the last bucket. Working with Sarah, I found myself really taking a deeper look at what I ate, why I ate it and how I felt after. I noticed that certain things made me feel sick and tired; whereas others left me feeling light and energetic.

After discussing my eating patterns with Sarah, she put me on an 80% gluten free diet. Sarah mentioned that life is about balance and as long as I ate clean 80% of the week, it wasn’t going to ruin my diet if I ate a slice of pizza one night. Interestingly enough, I ended up opting out of eating unhealthy fare anyways because of how sick it made me feel afterwards.

Even though I’m not diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I felt so much better without wheat in my life and 5 lbs just melted away with this one change. Sarah noted that many of her clients often see a big improvement in their overall health when they gave up gluten.

Aside from the eating insights, my coach provided a lot of emotional support as well. When I was down, tired or anxious, I would text or call Sarah who would respond with some positive inspiration and a mantra to repeat over and over to remind me how great and beautiful my life was. For those of you rolling your eyes, I get it. Repeating a mantra and meditating on it sounds a bit out there for a lot of us; but it really did help me ease my stress level and have an overall sense of gratitude for my life experiences.

Since my month of health coaching ending, I’ve felt equipped with the knowledge needed to live a healthier and more energetic life. I know what foods are right for my body and actually crave these healthier options. I also know how to calm myself down and just trust that the Universe has my back. To sum it up, as a health coach, Sarah became a friend, therapist and health advisor all rolled into one.

So this Fall, when you’re battling pre-Holiday stress and trying to stay away from Halloween candy and gingerbread men, why not take a break from your normal attempts at dieting and stress relief and give a holistic health coach a call?

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Check out her offerings in the following link: http://introducingwellness.com.

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