Where To Interval Train Like Tron

In a quiet five-acre corner of Yorkville on a bend of the East River lies Asphalt Green, a nonprofit community organization offering fitness instruction and programs in New York City. Among their extensive summer offerings, a new class called AG6 is rocking a studio in the former 1940s Municipal Asphalt Plant.

Seeking summer sports offered around the city, I’d stumbled onto what felt like a Tron movie set.


AG6 is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that uses new fitness technology from Spain called PRAMA, a system of LED lights built into spacial floor and wall references that respond to touch. It is designed to help you build your reflexes via your sixth sense, muscle memory – hence the “6” in AG6.

Our instructor Nellie warmed us up, demoed strength and cardio exercises we would do in each of the seven interval stations, then set us loose on our first circuit.


Though clearly the most Burpee-challenged in the room, the 45 minutes flew by, and I know I got a great workout from my first interval training as I was properly sore after two days.

There’s a new fluorescent glow from AG6, but the primary colors of Asphalt Green have been traditional sport and community outreach since 1983. You can find rich Aquatics and many individual and team Sports programs with a range of levels from beginner to club and league – many of which, such as Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Soccer, and Triathlon, are sports featured in this summer’s Olympics.


Included in Asphalt Green’s community outreach are Recess Enhancement Programs (REP), Waterproofing swim instruction for second and third graders, Senior Fitness in spring and fall, and community events like Sprinkler Day this Saturday, July 23, 2016.

AG6 classes are only held at the Upper East Side location – at 555 East 90th Street in the Murphy Center. The closest subway is the 4/5/6, the crosstown bus M86-SBS stops in front of the campus . . . and Yelp promises a PokéStop nearby.


For those looking for sports downtown, their newer Battery Park City location is at 212 North End Avenue for which the closest subways are the 1/2/3 and A/C/E Chambers Street stops.

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