June Fit Finds


Alkaline Your Body with Icelandic Glacial Water:

So we’ve all heard of the infamous Fiji Water and may have wondered why it costs $2.50 per bottle! Even for NYC that can be a bit pricy. The main reason for the highjack in price is the high PH level of the water – 7.5. Average bottled water such as Poland Spring or Dasani has a PH level of only 4 or 5, which basically means it does not make your body alkaline, but acidic, which can lead to disease and can slow down your metabolism. It has been proven that disease can not survive in an alkaline body and weight loss is also a common factor associated with higher levels of PH!

So when BN discovered a bottled water company with a whopping PH level of 8.4, we were proud to introduce the newest innovation in hydration. Bottled at the source in the legendary Olfus Spring found off the coast of Ireland and bread from a volcanic eruption that occurred almost 4,500 years ago, Icelandic Glacial Water is the ultimate drink to help you stay hydrated this summer.


Seize the Seeds:

Now you can arm yourself with the ultimate snack packed with all the right ingredients. Introducing Health Warrior’s Chia seeds – one bag offers the equivalent dose of Omega 3’s from ten pounds of salmon, the magnesium from 15 pounds of broccoli, the protein from three pounds of tofu, the antioxidants from two pounds of blueberries, the calcium from four pounds of one percent milk, and the fiber from four pounds of oatmeal. It’s no wonder they call it a super food!


“Pirates Booty Snacks

Popcorn in a bag:

Here’s a snack that will knock the fat off your booty, but still tastes good. Healthy snacks that are full of flavor and free of fat and sugar are hard to come by. Pirates Booty is light, all natural, baked, gluten free, trans fat free and only 130 calories per bag! There are a ton of flavors to choose from including, Veggie, Aged White Cheddar, Barbecue, Sour Cream and Onion, and Sea Salt and Vinegar.

I highly recommend the aged cheddar–fluffy popcorn like puffs that offer the taste of popcorn and the texture of a rice cake. They are not too salty and will literally melt in your mouth.


“Kristen McGee’s new Workout DVD

Where “Om” Meets Tone!

This powerful workout combines strengthening, toning, stretching, and core balance all into one easy thirty minute workout. Perfect for beginners or anyone looking to get in a quickie every now and then. The moves are fairly simple, but can be more challenging with added weight. Mc gee offers simple instructions and added concentration on form throughout the entire workout, which makes it easy to follow.

McGee gives us a full body workout designed to tone your arms and legs using minimal weights. She pairs each move with a traditional yoga pose that will give you the added stretch your muscles need.

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