June Fit Finds

With Father’s Day and the influx of college-ready graduating seniors, the month of June is sure to give you a bit of gift-shopping stress. This year check out our fit-friendly suggestions on what to get those dads, grads, and newlyweds.

For the Dads…


Wii Fit – The gym is great, but for the dad who prefers the comfort of his own home, the Wii Fit is the perfect way to get him moving. Created by the makers of the Nintendo Wii video gaming system, this tech-savvy piece of equipment lets you choose from strength training, aerobics, yoga, and balance games. It even includes a Body Test program that will measure your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) to help keep you on track.


BlueAir Airpod – Help the gadget-loving dad “breathe easier” with a personal air purifier that will clean and purify the air in dad’s immediate surroundings – be it home, the office or a business trip. The Blueair AirPod creates a personal clean-air-zone free of dust, pollen and smoke which allows for a sphere of well-being so dad can concentrate on what’s important to him instead of sneezing and wheezing from airborne allergens.

For the Grads…


WIN Detergent – When it comes to gym clothes, those of us who workout regularly know that our haute gym wear has a secret. Wear it once, and you look chic and dry. Wash it and wear it twice, and embedded odors heat up and radiate out. WIN Detergent is the world’s first laundry detergent especially formulated to eliminate embedded sweat and odors found in high-performance athletic attire. Although laundry won’t be the most exciting new experience of a freshman collegiate’s life, they’ll be thanking you later when their gym-wear smells fresh in a sea of their smelly peers.


Dorm Room Diet – From the daughter of Oprah’s new bff, Dr. Oz, comes a book that helps students make healthy practical choices in an effort to avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15”. In the pizza and beer pong friendly environment that is college, it can often be hard to stay on track. Help a frosh out by gifting her with this easy to read health and diet book.

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