June Health and Fitness Finds


“Only through balance will you find full health.”
–Asian Proverb

While inhabitants of the Far East have long been aware of the power of a balanced body, only recently have these concepts been accepted in the Western World. GoYin combines the very best Nature has to offer–superfruits and powerful Chinese herbs–in a perfect, great tasting, nutritional supplement that brings out the true power of each ingredient.


People who have taken GoYin have experienced fantastic results: more energetic, sharper mental focus, a more relaxed state of mind, reduced stress, lower appetite, better sleep, reduction of inflammation, and greater resistance to colds and allergies. GoYin can be taken by people of all ages. What can GoYin do for you?

Learn more about this powerful product by visiting the website at www.MyGoYin.com/dualingharts. If you wish to try GoYin yourself, email at [email protected].


Jackie Warner, the dynamic trainer with the rockin’ bod, who stars on Bravo’s popular reality show, The Workout, has created a line of fitness apparel called Skylab. Inspired by her own unique style, Jackie has created an assortment of outfits that will have eyes popping at the gym. Checkout the new line at Paiva store locations or at www.Paiva.com.

And, if you haven’t checked out the show you really should tune in and buff up.

Sheffa Foods has just launched four new healthy, vegan-friendly, tasty snacks. Each snack has at least 4.5 grams of protein per serving, coming from legumes, seeds and/or nuts. There’s definitely something for everyone in the Sheffa Foods collection – sweet, sweet and salty, and sizzlingly spicy combos of nuts, dried fruits, and chickpeas will leave you satisfied, keep your heart healthy, and possibly help get rid of that pesky excess baggage from all those unhealthy mid-afternoon coffee shop pastries!

Look for these tasty treats and other products sold by Sheffa at leading health and gourmet stores or for a store near you go to www.SheffaFoods.com.


There is increasing evidence that chocolate contains surprisingly large and good for you amounts of minerals, potent anti-oxidants and other phytonutrients. Bija Omega chocolate truffles from Flora are a rich blend of premium organic ingredients enhanced with omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. They have sought out and selected the highest quality organic ingredients from around the world: chocolate and cocoa butter from Peru, Madagascar vanilla beans, hazelnuts from British Columbia, maple sugar from Quebec, and skim milk powder from Ontario – to name a few.

Much more than just comfort food, Bija Omega Truffles nourish both body and soul. They come in three delicious flavors all providing EFA’s. Visit www.FloraHealth.com and learn more about these decadent wonders and other healthy products.


Whether you’re working out in the gym training outdoors or toning up in your home, Smart Bells are the perfect addition to your training routine. These nifty two-handle weights are great for targeting every part of your body. They are easy, safe and comfortable to grip when doing lunges incorporating upper bodywork, or when you’re down on a mat … achieving that strong core. Get more information on these or other innovative workout gear by visiting www.power-systems.com or by calling 1-800-321-6975.


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