Just Blink to Revamp Your Fitness Routine

A New Year requires a fresh perspective on your fitness routine, so why not start that with a new gym. Sure in NYC there seems to be a new, exclusive gym opening every day, but if you’re like me, it’s harder than you would think to find a place to workout that meets all your criteria: affordable, convenient, clean showers and locker rooms and state-of-the-art machines. The newest kid on the block that does meet all of those criteria and is from the very trusted people behind Equinox is called Blink Fitness. Blink opened their first location in NoHo just a few weeks ago and the gym provides value without compromise with a well-designed workout environment that focuses on basic fitness elements: brand-name cardio and strength training equipment, free weights and self-service retail. Blink has a functional training and stretching area with easy-to-follow graphics to guide you through a full body workout and experts are also always on hand should you have questions as you workout. In addition to clean, modern locker rooms, Blink also offers lockers right near the entrance for those who prefer to just walk in and head to the gym floor, which can be a real time-saver.

My recent trip to Blink was to use their new, hi-tech treadmills, as with all the snow and cold temps in NYC, running outside right now is really not an option. I had a great run and loved the numerous flat screen TV’s that were hung strategically above the treadmills and ellipticals. The stretching area was big so I had plenty of room and wasn’t bumping into my neighbor. The locker room, while small, was basic and clean and the only odd caveat is that Blink doesn’t provide towels, so while showering is an option, you need to bring your own. Therefore I assume most people that frequent Blink will be those that live in the neighborhood or who go after work as working out and showering before work might be a bit tricky. Not handing out towels also applies to towels for working out, so if you’re someone that sweats a ton, you may want to pack a small hand towel. Otherwise, Blink definitely serves its purpose of being a modern, no frills gym, perfect for those that also have yoga, spin or Pilates packages but want a place to lift weights or use cardio machines. I live close enough that I’m going to join just to use their machines on the weekends or when I’m in the area, the extremely low price makes it worth it.

Memberships are $15/month for the Gray Plan, allowing you access to the one NYC club (however there are also two other clubs in NJ and Westchester). The other membership type is the Blue Plan is $20/month which allows for multi-club access, but better yet, guest privileges so you can bring a fried every time you workout. For me, that’s really a great feature as it’s always more fun to workout with a friend. The cool thing about getting a membership at Blink is that there’s no high-pressure sales tactics or membership reps that will stalk you until you join. You simply visit a Blink lobby kiosk, swipe your card, pick your plan and start working out, or you can sign-up online.

So c’mon, Blink already and sign-up today. For more information, stop in at Blink NoHo on East 4th St. @ Broadway, call (866) 840-1099 or visit https://www.blinkfitness.com/.

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