Lean Mean Bridal Machines


Whether you’re the bride determined to have jaws dropping as you walk down the aisle, a bridesmaid attempting to appear dignified in a hideous, so not your color dress, or simply a guest determined to have all the single men eyeing you during the reception, a bridal bootcamp may just be your saving grace for the big day!


If you have a few months before the occasion, The New York Sports Club’s 12-week personal ‘Wedding Ready’ program is your best bet. Not a member of the Club? No Problem! Non-members are able to sign up for the program and even get a 3-month membership with their purchase. Who knows? After your wedding, the gym may just be your next life-time commitment!

For more information check out – www.mysportsclubs.com/programservices/personaltraining/weddingready

Now, if you’re in that post-engagement/pre-wedding honeymoon stage and can’t seem to tear yourself away from your beloved, why not pick up ballroom dancing? Ever since the hit-show Dancing with the Stars aired, dance studios have been filling up with novices eagerly moving to the beats of the waltz, tango, salsa, and meringue. Not only is ballroom dancing a great workout (have you seen Patrick Swayze in dirty dancing?), but dance classes are a great way for you and the fiancé to let loose for a few hours and forget about table seating, registries, and wedding invitations. Plus, think how great you’ll look grooving to the music on your big day!

Both Empire Dance (which is known for its celebrity clientele including Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey) and Dance New York offer Wedding Specials that guarantee smooth dance floor sailing for that celebrated “first dance”.


Check out www.empiredance.com and www.dancenewyork.com for more information and rates.

As you work towards your goal, it’s important to remember that even if you don’t reach that coveted goal weight by W-Day – it’s not the end of the world! Keep in mind that the bride is ALWAYS breathtaking – and more often than not, no one but you will even notice those extra 5 pounds you put on from all those wedding cake samples!

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