Oh, ode to the glories of rising at 6am to make it to boot camp on time. Not! Yah, indeed what was I thinking when I signed up for this torture chamber? Well I'll tell ‘ya, probably what every other poor soul was likewise thinking… that I needed to do something extreme to kick my metabolism back into action, to coach my chi back into flow, to get myself up and at ‘em, and give me some inspiration to work that body! And true enough STACY'S BOOT CAMP certainly did all that and more. Actually a lot more. It got me riding my bike so I could get to the torture dungeon on time, got me appreciating the beauty of Central Park, especially o-so early in the morn, got me to admire the other women (and a few men) who were likewise as dedicated to whipping themselves into shape as I, but most importantly, it reminded me of what I can do when I set my goals high.


And for three weeks, whip us Stacy did. There were times when I wanted to kick her, hang her from the nearest tree, so she could feel my pain. But one look at her perfectly sculpted body told me that she already knew all about pain and commitment, and her fabulous physique inspired me to do more. I mean damn, to have those arms, she certainly knows a thing or two about fitness. And indeed, Stacy Berman has been in professional fitness for about 13 years now, and running the boot camp like a drill sergeant (year round, I might add) for the last four. And the groovy thing about boot camp is that as an outdoor fitness camp, it doesn't use any weights or gym equipment. Just your ‘lil ole bod, and a few odds and ends along the way. Of course, I was extra curious when she told us to show up with a gallon jug of water in a backpack. What on earth could this be for? But then I realized the all too obvious, as added weight while we run… and run. And the black garbage bags, hu? Why to fill with sand, for… you guessed it, more added weight.  As if running laps around The Great Lawn wasn't difficult enough dragging solely the weight of my own body.



So show a little spunk. Try something different. Drag your lazy ass out of bed at the crack of dawn (or after work, there are many schedules to choose from) and do something hardcore. I'm certainly glad I did. August 21st marks the date that the next three week camps start, with offerings in Central, Battery, Prospect and Washington Square Parks, so you have plenty of mental lead-time to psyche yourself up. And Hans, yes Franz, pump you up!

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