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Julien Farel may be a name those in the world of spas, beauty and haircare are very familiar with, but health and fitness, maybe not so much…until now that is! Julien Farel’s gorgeous salon on Madison Avenue just opened up another space on the top floor, one that is as chic as the rest of the floors and just as Feng-Sui. This space is a luxury health and wellness center called JF Gymnastique. Julien’s philosophy with this new space was the same as his salon downstairs, “to create a world of beauty built upon consistency, luxury, and fashion forward elegance.” That philosophy sounds pretty good to me, or anyone looking to take wellness one-step further.

JF Gymnastique is oasis of health that delivers a variety of services to help clients maximize physical ability, appearance and rehabilitate injury. The name is French, which is a nod to the sophistication and reputation for the exquisite service from Julien and his staff. As you probably guessed, Gymnastique translates to gymnastics in English, which is a sport that involves the performance of a sequence of movements. Julien developed Gymnastique along with Exercise Scientist and Managing Partner, Peter Kupprion. Gymnastique offers the following array of services:

• Personalized training programs designed by Pete Kupprion
• Nutrition programs based on your individual biochemistry
• Massage: Swedish, deep tissue, orthopedic, sports, hot stone, and pre/post natal
• Chiropractic Medicine
• Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
• Corrective soft tissue treatment utilizing techniques such as Rolfing™, structural integration, and Active Release Technique (ART)
• ELDOA Instruction — a restorative exercise technique for the spine developed in France by Dr. Guy Voyer
• Myofascial Stretching instruction

Let’s face it; this is not your typical gym or workout space, so if you come here you’ll probably want private, premium services, which is exactly what you’ll get as the space only allows 3 clients to train at a time. This means no fighting for a treadmill or dreaded lines at the weight stations. The space also has private showers and changing rooms as opposed to open locker rooms, making you feel quite at home, even at a gym. If you want a break from the mundane, impersonal chain gyms, Gymnastique is definitely for you. The space will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and even more fit, what could be better?!

For further information on Julien Farel services, please visit the Web site at
605 Madison Ave.
New York, NY

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