Making Our Mouths Modern – The Healthy Way!


“Brush and floss your teeth twice a day” is what we’ve grown up listening to during visits to the dentist. And in following those simple and clear orders, we can probably assume that we’ve done a pretty good job, right? Wrong! There is so much more that we can do to improve the health of our mouths and there are even plenty of previously good-actions that we need to edit immediately. “What you put in your mouth can be compared to what type of gas you put in your car” says Dr. Gerald P. Curatola, a pioneer in Rejuvenation Dentistry and a physician for the whole mouth, “and we shouldn’t be fueling up with anything less than Premium.”‘ alt=’teeth3.jpg’ />

“The oral biofilm is essential to live!” says Dr. Curatola. 80% of the United State’s population is affected by gum disease and there is a correlation between it and two of the #1 killers of Americans; heart attack and stroke. It is vital to our health that we restore bad plaque into healthy plaque instead of destroying it, as it protects us from viruses and bacteria that surround us daily.

Dr. Curatola proposes four essential dental must-dos that will lead our mouths to a perfect vision of oral health:

1) Be careful what you swallow. Stop using detergent-based oral products. Eliminate mouthwashes containing alcohol and products with antimicrobial ingredients (ex. triclosan and chlorhexidine). We want to keep that healthy plaque around.

2) Good Eats for Sweet Teeth. The often over-looked aspect of dental health is Dr. Curatola’s Triple-A Nutrition guidelines. Good nutrition promotes the homeostasis that we’re striving for in our mouths and helps to prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and other problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes issues and even low-weight premature babies. The Three A’s set the rules for what types of foods should be entering your precious mouths; those that are Anti-inflammatory, Alkalizing and those that are high in Anti-oxidants. Veggies and fruits are always good bets, no matter what.

3) Breath, Run, Repeat – Ah! Relaxation and fitness aren’t just good for your bodies; they also are the last two cornerstones for great teeth. It’s been proven that stress can be evident in your mouth and regular exercise improves circulation and immune responses, fighting off nasty gum disease.

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