Managing Your Stress Through the Holidays and Beyond


The holidays can be a very difficult time for some people. While some bask in the excitement of the festivities others are depressed and overwhelmed by the season. Some people are all alone and at the holidays the loneliness often times intensifies.
Though it is wonderful to give, the holidays have become very commercial and all about the newest, latest and greatest gadget or toy. Gift giving can be very expensive causing anxiety and tension. The true meaning of giving is often lost.

If the holiday season is extremely difficult to get through you might need some help to manage the emotions you are experiencing.
Ricki Grater-Levine Psychotherapist gives stress-management classes to help individuals cope with issues that can arise from the season of “joy” or anytime during the year. Through deep breathing, mediation and relaxation exercises, one can put everything in perspective and deal with pain and anxiety.

After learning how to manage your stress through these methods, you can devote time everyday to your new found practice. Done consistently this will change your outlook and attitude. You’ll be amazed how calm and hopeful it can make you feel.

Contact Ricki at or call her at 917-748-0288

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