March Fit Finds

This month’s Fit Finds has something for everyone. Whether you’re a chocolate craving calorie counter, a runner in the market for the latest sneaker technology, or just someone in need of a little help in the undergarment department, the finds below are sure to fit your fancy.

Yummie Tummies – What do Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Carrie Underwood all swear by when walking the red carpet? Yummie Tummies! This body-shaping undergarment provides just the right amount of slimming prowess to keep the tummy in check when donning anything form fitting! The secret of the Yummie Tummie is a panel around your core that slims and smoothes the minute you put it on. It’s that simple – the shirt holds you in. That being said, it’s no 1920s corset, so you can breath easy while flaunting your figure confidently. As a plus, the tanks are so cute and trendy (we really like the Peek-a-boo Cami with crystal detail) you could even wear them as part of your outfit, instead of just underneath. Available at

The Apparition – With winter slowly leaving us, getting out of the house and into the sunshine seems more and more appealing. For a challenging workout, ditch the treadmill and try running outdoors once the weather feels right. Not only will you be getting a different, more effective workout, but after months of being cooped in a stuffy gym, your lungs will enjoy the fresh air! For the sneaker-savvy sisters, Under Armour’s latest sneaker, The Apparition, is a great addition to your gear. Not only does this shoe provide cushioning and balance, but it also includes specific engineering that hugs the foot, which eliminates that annoying loose and sliding feeling found with some other shoes when running. Available at

(owner and chocolatier, Vanessa Barg, indulging in one of her mouth-watering Gnossis Chocolate bars)

Gnossis Chocolate – If you’re still not convinced that you can feed your hunger with natural foods, try Gnossis Raw Chocolates. This raw chocolate is made from natural ingredients including agave syrup, cacao beans, and raw nuts, providing a delicious concoction of antioxidants and omega-3’s that will keep your heart and soul happy and healthy. Unprocessed foods never tasted so decadent. To order online or find store locations near you, go to:

Eat Smart – The name says it all. These days, it’s hard to know if what you’re putting in your mouth is really as good for you as it claims. How do you know if that cookie really is low in sugar or if that whole wheat bread really is made from 100% wheat? Eat Smart’s Nutrition Scale is the perfect tool for the suspicious health-nuts of the world. Simply place your food item on the scale, and you’ll get accurate counts of the calories, carbs, fiber, sodium, fats and vitamins from both packaged foods and 999 whole foods. Not only is this product great to reassure yourself that you’re eating well, but it also helps you understand more about portion control, a key to any successful diet. Available at or

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