Massage prices got you tense? Try the MELT Performance Roller

Try a self-care practice to dissolve your muscular tensions in the city this summer.

The MELT Method® is a gentle hands-off bodywork muscle rescue, using lightweight portable equipment and gravity.

The New MELT Performance Roller

The New MELT Performance Roller

In a recent basics class with instructor Jonathan Drayer, we began with hand and foot treatments using four mini MELT balls of varied size and squish – as founder Sue Hitzmann says – followed by floor work with soft foam rollers.

On the MELT Method DVDs I later watched at home, Sue explained that compared to firmer rolls on the market which can over-stimulate spinal nerves, the soft MELT equipment better allows your tissue to adapt to the pressure. Through gentle acts of tension and compression, MELT work aims to help rehydrate and rebalance your body’s connective tissue which, Sue says, becomes less supportive and responsive – just from daily living.

For those of you who want to MELT anywhere in the city or at your next yoga retreat, the new 16-inch MELT Performance Roller weighs next to nothing, and can easily travel. Like the longer Soft Body and Soft Half rollers, and hand and foot care tools, all products are free of latex and toxic chemicals.

Whether your goal is to introduce a heightened physical self-awareness to your day, self-treat a chronic pain, take proactive preventive measures against stress, tensions or pain from taking hold, or give yourself relief from static hours at the computer or your last workout, 10 or 50 minutes of this combined attention to fascia and breath might be your way to that welcome feeling.

To find all levels of workshops and classes near you and order MELT products online, go to

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