May’s Fit Finds: Great Gifts for Healthy Moms

Maybe your mom is a die-hard yogini, maybe she can run a mile in 10 minutes (even faster than you can!), or maybe she’s a thrill-seeker trapped in the body of a soccer mom. Whatever her fitness profile, show how much you care for her health and well being by giving her one of these five fit and fun finds.


Going the home-grown route with Food Tee Market

For the Health-Conscious Mom:
Healthy living is important to your mom. She got in on the vegetarian craze years ago and is steadily heading toward vegan territory! Why not surprise her with a yoga bag by Food Tee Market? 24 different styles are available, ranging from “Tree Pose” (featuring a standing piece of broccoli) to “Stalker” (which features a celery stalk, of course). The produce-puns alone make this a great gift!


For the Mom Who Needs a Little Push:
Mom might just need a tiny but of motivation to get her started on the workout path. Why not gift her with this fantastic scale by Tanita, which not only measures your weight and body fat percentage but even accounts for body water? She’ll be hopping on and hopping off in no time!


For The Outdoorsy Mom:
If your family trips as a kid consisted of white water rafting, mountain climbing, and camping – saying your mom likes the outdoors may be an understatement! This year, surprise her with an adventure-seeking trip, courtesy of Excitations? For less than $200, mom can enjoy ice climbing, a guided kayak excursion, or a host of other activities she might have never dreamt of trying!


For The On-the-Go Mom:
After driving you to soccer practice, doing your laundry, packing your lunches and, well, watching you grow up and get a life of your own, it’s no wonder your mom is tired! But even though she’s only got a few free minutes a day, she still wants to work out and feel fit and healthy. Let her make the most of her spare minutes with the Women’s Health: Total Workout in Ten! Workout DVD. There’s a mix of cardio, toning and flexibility work – and in only 10 minutes a day, she can feel the burn!


For Mom and You:
You and your mom are close. And her energy keeps you on your toes. Why not help her heart race as fast as yours by picking up a couple of Harbinger Speed Ropes. Make a pact to get heart healthy together. The dual molded handles ensure a steady grip, and the nine-foot length is adjustable. Jumping rope is one of the most challenging cardio exercises around, so don’t be surprised if you lag behind Mom.

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