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Closet Confession: I’m a techy at heart, a lover of all advancements in the realm of cyber world, a quintessential computer nerd. Luckily, my inner geek makes sure to dress the part of trendy Manhattanhite so no one is the wiser!

This month, I’m playing up my techy roots and showcasing some of the latest and greatest barrier-breaking technologies in the world of health, fitness, and green living.

PumpOne – Two years after its release, the iPhone’s abilities continue to shock and amaze us. PumpOne is a must-have application for the fitness-conscious iPhone owners out there. This portable personal training program can be used on your iPhone, Treo, or any other Smartphone or mp3 player. Just download a workout and your very own video personal trainer will put you to work.

Available at and the iTunes store.

Acoustibuds – Music is a necessity when pounding the pavement (or treadmill), but annoying earbuds that continuously fall out and need to be adjusted shouldn’t have to be! Acoustibuds are the latest technology in earbuds. Made from hypoallergenic silicone rubber, this product fits right over your earbuds to allow a comfortable, well-fitting earpiece for your player. It’s even known to enhance the sound of your music!

Available at

(Yogi Rainbeau Mars)

Rainbeau Mars Yoga Gear – Adidas has recently launched its latest line of yoga apparel, footwear, and accessories. With the help of Rainbeau Mars, one of the most sought after yoga teachers in Hollywood, this newly developed line ensures the highest comfort and fit, while also being Adidas’ most eco-friendly line on the market. All prints are water-based, and all trims are made from recycled materials. Even their Yatra sandal is environmental, made out of natural canvas, recycled textile and rubber and natural wood pulp, bringing Adidas to the forefront of eco-friendly technology.

Available at Adidas Sport Performance concept stores.

Me & Goji – Cereal is a great low-calorie anytime meal or snack, but in today’s option-filled world, why choose from the mundane boxes stocked on your grocer’s shelves? The Me & Goji website allows you to simply drag and drop a variety of whole grains, dried fruits, and healthy sweets into your very own “web”-bowl, type in your address, and have a tasty well-balanced box of personalized cereal delivered straight to you. Worried about calorie content? The site adds up your concoction’s nutritional facts as you pick and choose – talk about thinking of everything!

Available at

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