May’s Health & Fitness Finds

Come warm weather and workouts take on a whole new aim – to help you look hot in that little halter you’ve been waiting to debut all winter long. Here are some products that will help in your quest.


Created by personal trainer, fitness author and champion bodybuilder, A.J. Jackson, Love Your Abs fitness flash cards are your portable personal trainer for a tight and toned tummy. Available in a clear carrying case, the deck includes 22 playing card-sized ab exercise flash cards. This little deck provides little excuse to skip out on your workout. Each exercise can be done at home or at the gym with no additional equipment. Shuffle the cards and you get a different workout each time, so there’s no fear of boredom. Available at


Craving a little snack that won’t riddle you with guilt, but will satisfy your hunger? SOYJOY offers an all-natural, great tasting alternative to the usual snack fare. Baked with whole soy and dried fruit, SOYJOY bars contain just 130 to 140 calories each and are devoid of the bad stuff like trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives. The bars are available in four delicious flavors of Apple, Berry, Mango Coconut and Raisin Almond, and are great whether for a late night snack or an energy boost while exercising. For more info, check out


It’s no secret that treading laps in the pool is a great way to shape up over the summer – just watch out for that unpleasant infection known as Swimmer’s Ear. BioEars from Cirrus Healthcare Products address just this concern. These silicone earplugs contain an antimicrobial agent to ward off microbes such as bacteria. Not only do they provide a germ-reduced swimming experience, they’re also great for noise control – a nice perk for after the laps are done and a lazy lounge by the pool is next on the agenda. Check out to find out more.


Warmer weather means outdoor workouts, which can mean increased sun exposure. Apply some due diligence easily and quickly with MD Skincare’s Sunscreen Packettes with SPF 30. The alcohol-free formula contains a whole host of beneficial ingredients to protect and nourish skin. In addition to Vitamins A, C and E, Chelator encapsulates the iron that can often be found in tap water and activated by the sun, to overall minimize sun damage. Lycopenes fight against sun-specific free radicals, while green tea helps reverse the negative effects of the sun. These packettes are convenient enough to throw into your gym bag, and great for easy-to-neglect areas like behind the ears and around the hair line. Go to to learn more.

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