Natural Solutions for Health, Hair, & Aches

Individualized Vitamins
Are we all one and the same when it comes to our health, lifestyles and habits? Certainly not! Why then are so many vitamins reduced to the “one fits all “ type? Can one multivitamin really benefit all of us in the same way? More and more research points to the fact that like everything else vitamins are more effective when you can adjust them to your own health’s requirements. Persona Nutrition does just that. The vitamins service is changing the way we take vitamins with customized recommendations for your own specific health needs and lifestyle.  

After filling out a questionnaire about your health, age, diet, exercise habits and prescription medications, you will be recommended a unique program of vitamins. For instance, you will be asked how many servings of vegetables you have every day, what type of exercise you do and how often and how much alcohol you consume every week in order to evaluate your body’s requirements and determine its supplement needs. The vitamins are not your regular local drugstore type but high quality, bioavailable sorts created with minimal bulking agents.

Your doctor-approved wellness menu of Persona Nutrition will arrive once a month in thirty small package doses.Take the assessment, it won’t take more than 5 minutes. You will discover your specific regimen through five trillion combinations. With honest ingredients and transparent sourcing, you will give your body the best possible vitamin supply it can receive.
With each order, a year of vitamins is also sent to two malnourished children in the world. Find more information at

Stronger Hair
If you are in your thirties or over, have you started to notice that your hair is not as full and luscious as it was before? Research has discovered that as we age, our stress and hormone levels affect the health of our hair. To address this problem, Nutrafol has created supplements to improve the hair of women before, during and after menopause. Nutrafol Core for Women uses vitamin A, C, D, biotin, iodine, zinc and selenium to address the imbalances and life stresses that cause poor hair quality as you age. Nutrafol Stress Adaptogen helps rebalance hair-damaging cortisol levels and improve your hair’s resilience to chronic stress using adaptogenic phytoactives and vitality-restoring Reishi mushrooms. 100 % drug free, these stress adaptogens and a growth powering proprietary Synergen complex work to rebalance and restore your hair quality. Hair health also starts with gut health. Nutrafol Hairbiotic contains 20 billion CFUs of 7 targeted probiotic strains.  Take these with Nutrafol Digestive Enzyme that helps to boost the nutrient absorption process with 16 key enzymes, including bromelain and serratiopeptidase. Your hair will regain more vitality with this revolutionary product that works from within. Read more at

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