November Fit Finds:
Keeping it Together for the Holidays

As the holiday food fest of ’08 rears its head, you might find your body needing some support inside and out. Whether you need a quick energy booster while you’re on the 6th hour of basting that stubborn turkey, or you’re just looking for a little secret support to keep your skin looking firm and taut underneath that sexy hip-hugging holiday dress, check out the below products to ensure a happy (and sexy) holiday season!

(Unflattering before pic)

(Looking good after donning FLABuLESS!)

(The Veston shrug)

Let’s face it, not all of us are blessed with Jessica Biels’ toned triceps. Introducing, FLABuLESS, the first arm shapewear of its kind. Simply pull on this tight sleeve before donning your top of the day, and any embarrassing sagging or bulging skin is immediately smoothened leaving you with the appearance of trim triceps every woman dreams of! FLABuLESS comes in 4 varieties, including the Veston, which functions as a shrug to provide a slim appearance and coverage over your sleeveless dress or sexy tank. To purchase your own secret slimmer, go to (don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!)

For those of us worried about our cellulite-happy hip and thigh area, Skineez Skincarewear is the perfect 2 for 1 solution. Not only does this product minimize the appearance of unattractive bulges and bumps that may appear overtop those hip-hugging dresses and pencil skirts we all love, but Skineez actually embeds cosmetic ingredients into its garments that have been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite and actually help to lose inches around the thighs and the waist! Sound like hocus pocus? Well, Europeans have been raving for quite some time about this sensation and clinical trials show proven results! If you’re not interested in wearing Skineez underneath your clothes, the brand even has an Activewear line for the workout lover in all of us. Swing by your local Macy’s and grab a pair of these European sensations!

With holiday cooking, shopping, and partying, it’s no shock that our workouts may take a backseat to our need to rest and recuperate for the next big event. Perk yourself up for a cardio session by downing a bottle of Vital Action Performance Water. This 45-calorie energy drink is equipped with supplements to specifically target the four stages of performance: energy, stamina, immunity, and recovery. Plus, unlike other leading enhancement waters that contain as much sugar and sodium as a soda, VAPW is the first beverage in the United States to utilize the innovative Fruit Up™ Premium tactic, which uses 100% blended clear fruit, such as apples and grapes. This sweetening system is free of chemical processing and has an extremely low glycemic index. Now there’s no excuse for skimping on your workouts during the holiday! If you’re a New Yorker, you can pick up at almost any grocery store, including Food Emporium and Associated Supermarkets. Otherwise, keep checking their website to see when this power drink is available at a store near you.

It’s no doubt that champagne, wine, and complimentary cocktails are the drinks holiday merriment are made of, but unfortunately toast after toast can end up leading to pound upon pound that’ll leave you struggling to fit into that tight curve-hugging New Years dress you had your heart set on. Skip the calorie-laden martinis for a glass or two of wine and you should be able to ring in the New Year sexily clad. If you know you’ll be imbibing later in the evening, stick to water and low-cal drinks during the day. We love TeaZazz’ Sparkling Green Tea Mint. With the antioxidants and caffeine properties of green tea, the refreshing taste of mint, and just the right amount of carbonation, this 25 calorie drink will leaving you feeling refreshed, guilt-free, and satisfied!

To order TeaZazz or find a distributor near you check out:

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