November Fit Finds

Lets face it, sometimes no matter how many miles you run or crucnhes you do, you still need a bit of help getting that form fitting pencil skirt on in the morning for work. For that flawless, Joan Holloway (“Mad Men”) shape, try an amzing new line called Sliminizer™, created by intimate apparel designer to the stars, Kate Liegey. The shapewear provides amazing support in all the right places and comes in 10 skin tone colors incase you are wearing something sheer or extra clingy. The collection includes strapless bras, which I tried and can attest that it not only supports but is super comfortable, as well as boy shorts, camis, control briefs and more, all which provide smoothing and shaping effects. These pieces come in handy for special occasions, weddings, holidays parties or anytime you want a rockin’ shape, but also want that extra cocktail. Visit for more information and to purchase the line.

At the gym and even at work I’m all about multi-use products; my purse is heavy enough as it is! My favorite new product is the Wei East 8th Wonder Rescue Balm; a long name for a product that has a long list of uses, 32 to be exact! The coral colored balm contains 8 potent herbs such as Chinese Rose, Plum Blossom, Golden Lotus Flower and will cure pretty much any ailment from dry lips, scalp, elbows, heels and cuticles, to taming eyebrows and flyaway hairs, to soothing chaffed skin and blisters. Not only is this little green tin pretty and fragrant, but it also soothed every rough, dry place I put it on. So, lighten your load and carry this wonder around from now on!

Living in NYC or a small space anywhere, you probably know that a bad smell can travel fast. Have you ever stopped to think that the bad smell may be your stinky gym clothes sitting in your hamper?! My personal savior has been the recent discovery of Febreze Sport, which
instantly neutralizes and eliminates odors on gym clothes, sneakers, sports gear and more, including those items you can’t throw in the wash. How does this work you ask? Well, the product contains a unique ingredient formulated with X-Sweat Technology™ that seeks out and neutralizes tough sweat odors. This sounds too good to be true, trust me I know, but it really works. My post-workout clothes smelled fresh after a few squirts and I no longer have to worry about a stinky hamper. This product is definitely a new gym bag, locker or laundry room staple. For more information on this product and the entire Febreze line, visit

After a recent NYC race with my sister, we ventured around the sponsor booth areas to see what free samples they had aside from the usual water, and we were excited to see a booth for chocolate milk. This was not just any chocolate milk, but Skim Plus chocolate milk! According to my sister, who’s currently training for her 2nd marathon, chocolate milk is a great post-run drink as it helps you refuel and rehydrate. It turns out sis was right, chocolate milk like that of Skim Plus, contains potassium to help rehydrate and replenish exhausted muscles after exercise. The other benefits include protein to help build muscle and calcium for healthy bones. Skim Plus chocolate milk tastes so great that I couldn’t put it down after my run. My only qualm is that it has a high amount of sugar, so while not completely guilt free, it comes in a mini bottle making it a convenient and tasty post-workout option. For more information visit

Put a fresh foot forward while adding a little pep to your step with a pair of amazing insoles called Airplus: Coolmax Every Performance insoles. Put them in your sneakers to keep your feet cushioned, cool and comfortable. The insoles allow your feet to breath and have moisture control so you can say goodbye to smelly sneaks! I put these in and went out for a run and have to say that it felt like I was running on a much more forgiving surface then hard NYC pavement, and because of this I actually ran longer and harder than usual, a nice plus! Available at Rite Aid and Walgreens stores nationwide and

It’s a dirty little secret but yes, sometimes washing your hair after a workout is just not possible. In these cases I find it necessary to use a good dry shampoo to ensure my hair looks styled and clean without much effort. My favorite dry shampoo is Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray. The container makes it perfect for a gym bag or at work, as all you do is spray it onto the root, wait for it to dry, brush hair and style as usual. In no time you’ll have oil-free, voluminous hair, thanks to the natural rice and oat starches that clean the hair. Since sometimes it’s hard to predict these situations, I’d recommend keeping it in your gym bag at all times so you can spray and go and still look fabulous. Available at:, and

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