October Fit Finds


Pretty in Pink:

Introducing Pure Toes – the perfect barefoot essential for Yoga, Pilates, Dance, or even just lying around the house. These are not only super comfortable but stylish as well! Available in paisley pink, leopard, and black, Pure Toes are designed with a non-skid sole that provide just enough traction to prevent slipping. Ideal for hot yoga, they also feature a moisture wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry while in motion.

Retail Price: $19.95

A Tribute to 9/11
Grand Opening of Yoga Union:

BN celebrates the Grand opening of Allison West’s Yoga Union which debuted on September 9, 2011. West, one of the most respected teachers in the industry is known for her training with Sonia Sumar. She specializes in Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, and Yoga for Asthma and Diabetes.

Yoga Union’s key principles of practice can be applied to all styles of Yoga and to life itself. Their teaching emphasizes alignment and breath in all poses to achieve a strong, beautiful and fulfilling practice. During their recent debut, West held a special memorial class to honor those whose lives were tragically cut short.

Location: 37 W 28th St. between Broadway and 6th Avenue

Digital Jump Ropes and Resistance Bands:

Although cardio can be a challenge, it’s something we all must face. For me, running on a treadmill for sixty minutes a day is by far the most boring workout I can think of. Let’s rewind a few years back to when cardio was fun! Why not breakout the L.A. gear sneakers and see how long you can jump rope.

Introducing GNC’s Pro Jumper, this digital jump rope is not only fun, but keeps track of the total calories burned during your workout so you know exactly when to call it quits.
It also tracks jumping rotations and because of the impact is considered high intensity cardio.

GNC is also launching a line of Digital Resistance Bands built to provide a constant level of resistance equivalent to your own body weight that not only makes your workout more consistent, but helps lean your muscles with added repetition. The Bands track each rep only after you’ve stretched the band to the ideal length, ensuring you’re reaching the highest level of resistance. Plus, it keeps a record of your reps so that you can more easily track progress.

Pro Jumper
Retail Price: $14.99
Retail Availability: GNC stores

Power Up: Digital Resistance Bands
Retail Price: $19.99
Retail Availability: GNC stores

Bethenny Skinny Girl workout DVD:

The woman who brought us Skinnygirl Cocktails continues to deliver

Whether you’re an avid fan of Bravo’s hit TV show Real Housewives of New York City or not, this DVD is a must have. It’s made up of three quick and powerful yoga segments designed to fit into any hectic schedule. Each segment is between 15-20 minutes and led by powerhouse Mike McArdel. The DVD also includes a bonus 12 minute stretch and a recipe booklet from Bethenny’s recent book “The Skinnygirl Dish.”

Retail Price: $16.99
Retail Availability: Target

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Shoes sound interesting – think I will give them a try. Also have the Skinny Girl workout and love it especially on rainy days when I don’t want to go out to the gym.


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