How to Prevent a Hangover During the Holidays

During the holiday season, we tend to let all our guards down and tread much more than we usually dare on the path of foolish drinking. December 1st kicks off open drinking season, and it does not stop until the grand finale on the 31st when, before we carry our new resolutions into a healthier year, we bury the old ones with a last excessive raunch.

While drinking is fun and helps us relax, open up, and be chatty and merry, the day after can be hell when a headache, confusion, tiredness, aches, or even depression takes hold. There is nothing like a bad hangover to motivate us to never drink again.

According to Dr. Pete Sulack, “America’s Leading Stress Expert” and founder of Stress*RX, alcohol is very stressful to your body.  Not only does it stress the liver, but it turns immediately to sugar in your system, which affects your pancreas – and really every cell in your body. This causes dehydration, inflammation, and oxidation, which can lead to early aging and premature cell death. What hurts the body after drinking is not the alcohol itself, but acetaldehyde, a highly reactive compound that is toxic to your brain, and responsible for the unwelcome feelings associated with being hungover. Your liver enzymes and body’s antioxidants try to eliminate acetaldehyde through the normal detoxification pathways, but if you drink enough (or if your liver is compromised) it can’t keep up.

A key way to reduce the stress that results from bingeing on the holidays can be to take supplements such as Dr. Sulack’s Stress*RX capsules that contain adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, cordyceps, and rhodiola. Used for thousands of years to treat conditions that relate to stress and inflammation, these herbs are said to correct biochemical and neurological imbalances that contribute to drinking in the first place, by increasing the manufacture of neurotransmitters like serotonin and can address inflammation at a cellular level. I tried the capsules and felt a total buzz of calm within an hour, making me relaxed, yet invigorated and peaceful. If you want to control your drinking this season, take the capsules to neutralize your need to fill up your glass uncontrollably.

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To minimize hangover effects, consider keeping The Organic Pharmacy’s Liver & Kidney Drops tincture on hand. Formulated to help reduce the effects of alcohol, it may help to cleanse and regenerate the liver and kidneys when taking it after excessive drinking. Ingredients include milk thistle, best known for its liver-protecting properties, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support; dandelion which is rich in potassium that helps support the kidneys; and astragalus which enhances the immune system. Ten drops in a glass of water before going to bed are recommended, to lessen inflammation and alcohol-induced tiredness and confusion. Find it at The Organic Pharmacy on Bleeker Street or

If heavy drinking on New Year’s Eve is something you cannot do without, try a capsule of Over EZ with your first drink. This supplement claims to neutralize your body’s reaction to acetaldehyde, one of the major toxins that make you hungover, by stimulating the production of the enzyme ADH and ALDH in your liver, so you can wake up the next morning free of hangover symptoms. Keep one in your purse during the drinking holiday season and especially on the last night of the year to prevent the hangover blues on January 1st. Find it at

Coffee is also an excellent remedy to help alleviate symptoms of a hangover. However, bad coffee can make you feel even worse. What you need is to drink coffee devoid of mold toxins found in most coffees.

The Bulletproof line of organic coffee is carefully produced and lab-tested to minimize toxins, so you can enjoy a truly satisfactory and beneficial cup. Harvested in Central America on passive organic estates free of herbicides and pesticides, each bean is hand picked and never left to wither or ferment in the sun in order to protect it from developing mold toxins. Then in the United States under strict conditions, beans are medium roasted in small batches to avoid the formation of toxins that typically occur during roasting.

To help myself find well-being after a night of drinking, I enjoy a cup of toxin-free Bulletproof coffee. It is a real little miracle for the brain. Taste the difference yourself. Order it at

Hangovers weaken the body and may reduce its ability to defend against infections. If you drink a lot and smoke, chances of affecting your throat’s health increase – and sore throat symptoms may hound you the next morning as much as those from a hangover. Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges offer fast pain relief with active ingredients of benzocaine and menthol – both oral anesthetics/analgesics. Take it right away to alleviate pain. Available in drug stores.

While it is a lot of fun to socialize with alcohol, beware of the dangers that can come from excessive drinking, and take measures to counter potential damages and minimize side effects. The first rule of real enjoyment is moderation – there is no reason that one cannot enjoy oneself without putting one’s health in harm’s way. As we grow more mature we realize that our health is the greatest gift of all, because once we lose it, it is gone. Learn to drink responsibly and, as the New Year chimes in, try to make it one of your resolutions!

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