Pumped Up


I am “pumped” (I couldn’t resist the obvious pun) to join the Beauty News NYC team and share my knowledge and findings in the health and fitness arena.

My passions are fitness, writing and acting, so Beauty News NYC is a perfect fit.

Image means so much in the Entertainment Industry and beyond. When you feel and look your best, your confidence comes across tenfold. Confidence and self esteem equals success in any field. There is no magic pill or secret regimen. A healthy lifestyle is the key component of the formula.

I believe it is important that you define your lifestyle and find activities and eating plans that fit into it, not dictate your life.

Exercise can be exhilarating, energizing, and fun. IT REALLY CAN! But first find activities that you enjoy, and get a feeling of accomplishment when you do them. Goals are vital to success; but you must set attainable goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure before you even begin. Take baby steps, giant steps will come with time.

My wish is that the Fitness Section be a collaborative endeavor between you, dear reader, and me. Let me know what you’d like to learn about and what you’d like featured. I, for instance have found that I enjoy boxing, Pilates, yoga and cycling. I’ll share my enthusiasm for these, as well as others I discover down the road. I’d really like to hear about your favorite activities.

Let’s share our experiences and our successes.

We will support and motivate each another. I look forward to our exciting partnership together through Beauty News NYC.

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