Push Thru To Spring with KettleBells


The month of March is such a tease. It’s that month smack between winter wool coats and flirty spring skirts. It’s also that final month before the weather’s nice enough to show off your newly toned biceps, triceps, and calf muscles. If you’re like me, lifting dumbbells for the past two months to honor your New Years resolution has gotten beyond boring. Ready for something new? Introducing the Kettlebell workout! After reading that Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Lopez, and the consistently shirtless and sexy Matthew McConaughey are kettlebell fans, I knew I had to give the bell craze a swing. I decided to check out Bond Street Studio, a trendy Greenwich Village studio that focuses on Kettlebell training.


Bond Street Studio’s owner Jeff Bell took me through a 30 minute set of fluid movements using a 20-pound kettlebell. By the end of the workout my heart was pumping and my muscles felt that coveted strengthening burn. A kettlebell looks somewhat like a bowling ball with a handle. Because the kettlebell’s centre of mass is displaced from the handle, its weight pulled against my hand and required not only strength, but also balance. So a set of lunges, for examples, works not only your lower body muscles, but also requires the work of upper body and core ab muscles to keep the kettlebells stable as you lunge. A typical workout takes you thru 3 sets of 5-6 exercises involving swinging the weighted bell(s) in fluid motions to give you a full-body workout.


Although it’s a great change from lifting weights, a solid cardio regimen should still be included in your general workout. At Bond Street Studio, Jeff Bell devises a personal cardio/strength training workout for each trainee that includes the studio’s kettlebells as well as cardio equipment.


Bond Street Studio space

Currently, Bond Street Studio only offers personal training sessions – but group sessions will be available starting in April. So sway away from your normal iron pumping regimen and swing to the tune of the kettlebell!

Jeff Bell, owner of Bond Street Fitness, is a nationally recognized fitness expert, celebrity trainer, and career coach to personal trainers.


Jeff has been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years. His celebrity clientèle reads like a who’s who of top celebs including Madonna, Brooke Shields, Mary Tyler Moore, Isabella Rosalini, Mary J. Blige, and Donna Karen to name a few.

Bond Street Studio is located at 45 Bond Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10012 – for more information click on www.bondstreetfitness.com.

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