Quell Your Inner Drama Queen & Improve Your Life

“Drama isn’t a cute and cuddly teddy bear; it is more like Chucky, the horror doll in the movies,” says Mark Youngblood in Dear Human, Master Your Emotions. Though it is appealing in movies and stories, it is very different in your own life.  Understanding how emotions affect you and how they can have a destructive effect, if not held in check, is the purpose of this wonderful and liberating book.

In our stressful world of instant gratification, where we are constantly tempted to indulge in whims and give in to triggers rather than practice self-control, we are left often more confused than sane, feeling as if life is a constant battle.

According to Youngblood, the way to avoid instant emotional reactions that lead to negative consequences is by changing what happens inside of us while we continue to live in the world. It involves learning to act in a new way, with a new level of consciousness.

The book shows you through numerous examples how you can learn to manage your emotions effectively and opt out of the temptation of drama that provides an immediate release but that in the long run generates a negative outcome that can destroy your life.

You will learn simple ways to remain calm and centered whatever the situation you are in, reduce dramatic build up and be happier in your relationships. As Youngblood explains, it all starts by taking your life “off auto-pilot” and into your own hands.

One of the great messages of the book is understanding that we are far from powerless over the outcomes in our life. The source of our stress and drama is not the events themselves but in the way that we process the situations. By stepping out of your subconscious “autopilot” that blindly dictates your reactions, you regain the authority to choose your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors rather than being automatically influenced by them.

If you are unable to resist your impulse to react and hit back when someone says something unpleasant, you will gain tremendously from this book as well as will anyone who wants to learn how to reduce stress and practice mindfulness going from a reactive to a creative attitude.

photo: Christopher Sardegna

The author is an executive life coach and inner mastery teacher and facilitator. Rather than looking for solutions to our problems “out there” he shows how they reside in us first, by practicing “ emotional hygiene” and “draining the pain” to practice conscious decision making.  If you go through life, feeling like a victim of circumstances, you will enjoy this insightful and supportive book that will change you from the inside out and reveal to you how to practice control and bring about the life that you seek. For more information on Mark Youngblood, go to http://www.myinnermastery.com.

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