Resolve to Keep Your Resolutions at Revolve

There’s a new kid on the NYC workout scene, an impressive spin studio that’s sure to give nearby competitors SoulCycle and Flywheel a run for their money (and clientele). Located in Union Square, Revolve is a few short blocks from the aforementioned spin studios, so those that live in the area will have a new place to test out. As someone who likes almost all spin studios and classes, I was eager to see how this studio would differentiate itself…personally I’m looking for a studio with space and ample shower facilities, which is not quite what this studio offers at first glance, but I was willing to have an open mind.

Upon entering the facility off 13th street between Broadway and University, you are greeted at the front desk area where you check-in, can purchase shoes and water (neither is free). There’s a small retail area off to the side of the long, narrow space and then straight back is the one spin room. Downstairs houses the locker room, which is co-ed, along with women’s and men’s bathrooms and shower areas. The locker room is a bit cramped and the changing facilities wouldn’t be ideal for showering and getting ready before work, definitely more of an after-work spot for me. Once you are changed, you’ll need to walk back upstairs in your spin shoes to the studio, always a bit interesting. The studio is similar in size to most I’ve been to and although a bit packed, I think it gave the class a nice energy.
Now, while the facilities themselves are on the small side, the classes are big on energy, sweating, great music and challenging rides. The bikes are Schwinn and show you the RPMs, something I find I need in spin classes to gauge my speed/intensity. However, the technology only allows you to see the RPMs for a few seconds at a time, which meant I found myself constantly reaching down to push the button to see how I’m doing, maybe something more advanced students don’t need. The unique factor about the classes at Revolve is the variety; they offer three very different rides that will help to change up your routine.

The rides they offer are: Real Ride: 45-min class, pretty basic with hills and flat roads, no weights but definitely a high-energy great workout. The Body Ride is also 45 minutes but has a weight sequence. Finally the RIP Ride is 60-minutes and there are two weight sequences, definitely challenging and a great full-body workout. I took the Real Ride with Christianne Phillips, s senior master instructor at Revolve; she is super high-energy and a burst of positivity, not to mention her body will make anyone a believer. Christianne is a mom of twins, DJ, as well as live event and media producer…she really does it all. Christianne helped develop the three challenging and fun cycling classes that will appeal to experienced, novice, younger and older cycle enthusiasts alike. Christianne’s style combines creativity, mind-body coaching, athleticism, musicality and an uncanny ability to push people to their limit. My ride with her was truly enjoyable: good music (different from what everyone else plays) flew by and was super challenging. I’ve heard great things about the other instructors too so would be interested in trying a class with them down the road.

At the end of the day, Revolve is definitely worth trying out for those that want great classes, top instructors and variety, also without any of the superior attitudes that the other nearby studios tends to attract.

Revolve is located at 52 E. 13th St., between Broadway and University, Union Square, $28 a class,

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