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It is officially summer and that means it’s time for outdoor activities. Whether it’s a leisurely walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or cycling on the path down the Westside Highway here are some routes to checkout to see the Big Apple in all it’s glory.

[b]The Central Park Loop[/b] Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world encircled by a 7-mile loop very popular for running, jogging, cycling, walking and skating. Closed to traffic on weekends this 7-mile loop covers the entire perimeter of the park from 59th to 110th streets and from Fifth Avenue to Central Park West.

[center]an image[/center] [b]Riverside Park[/b] Cherry Walk, named for the cherry trees along the path between 100th and 125th Streets is a continuous four-mile-long path along the Hudson River from 72nd to 158th Street. This is a beautiful park along the Hudson River. You can choose to follow the river or take a break and visit the impressive Grant Memorial at 122nd and Riverside Drive.

[b]Lower West Side[/b] This route has many cultural and recreational activities throughout, plus scenic views of the lower Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty. Attractions include the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, Hudson River Park, Museum of Jewish Heritage, and the sites of Battery Park.

[b]Brooklyn Bridge[/b] The Brooklyn Bridge is fun to walk or cycle across. Enjoy sights of massive skyscrapers and bridges. The Brooklyn Bridge has beautiful views from it, a great photo op. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge and see downtown Brooklyn, go through several Brooklyn parks including Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s own “Central Park”.

[b]Coney Island[/b] Visit Coney Island with it’s beaches and famous amusement park. You can take the subway to Grand Army Plaza or, if you are happy to go the 11.5-mile total distance, run from Manhattan. Then pass through Prospect Park and some interesting residential parts of Brooklyn via a very pleasant, wide, tree-lined, truck-free road, with wide comfortable sidewalks all the way. Ride the subway back to Manhattan if you’ve had enough for the day.

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