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Crunch gyms all over Manhattan are known for their eclectic range of classes. From boxing to bhangra, these gyms have something for everyone. For those of us looking for a 60-minute mixed bag, the S.T.A.R. workout is the perfect complement to our busy lifestyles.

S.T.A.R. stands for: Spinning, Toning, Abs and Relaxing Stretches and goes thru these four workouts in 20-minute intervals (with abs and stretches combined for a total of 20 minutes). If you’re anti spinning, this class is perfect for you because rather than the hour long spinning classes taken by the die-hard spinners (you know who you are!), the S.T.A.R. instructor has you do only a 20 minute interval complete with hills and sprints. This way, you’re still feeling the burn of a longer class, but the time spent on the bike is much less.

The toning portion involves a medley of squats, lunges, push-ups and other activities using light to medium weights at a fast pace. The music and spirited instructor keeps you going as you push through set after set of toning exercises.

Finally, you’re on the floor working the abs with a stability ball and a wide variety of ab exercises. Panting and staring at the clock, you realize there are only five minutes left and that’s when the pulsating beats stop, the instructor leads you thru a batch of delicious stretches, and you’re done. A fast-paced sixty-minute gym session can officially be checked off your to-do list for the day!

The highlights of the class are the revved up music, energetic instructor and the fact that you get a total-body workout in the span of an hour. Cons of the class would have to be the fact that there is no time for the instructor to really explain much, so if you aren’t familiar with certain exercises, you may feel rushed and confused. Also, the instructor focuses more on the S, T and A portions of the class – whereas the R falls a bit to the wayside.

Check out http://www.crunch.com to see when the next S.T.A.R.-worthy workout is available.

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