September Fit Finds

With corporate implemented ‘Summer Fridays’, long weekends dedicated to lounging beach side and the general laid-back vibe taken during the dog days of summer, our usual ‘strong as steel’ will-power falls wayside to ice cold fruity cocktails, gluttonous BBQs and an affinity towards sitting indoors with the air conditioner on full blast. Our September Fit Finds are a great start towards reclaiming your will-power and getting out of the ‘lazy summer’ mentality.

Meal replacement bars can be a great way to get the nutrients you need fast, but its important to read labels and know that what you’re eating is actually good for you and not just a glorified candy bar. Attune Foods is a new line of bars that contains probiotics and focuses on perfecting digestion. These low calorie bars come in a variety of flavors including chocolate crisp and strawberry bliss and are a perfect way to help keep stomach and digestive issues at bay.

Available at and any Whole Foods Market.

September is one of the warmer months of fall, which is why it’s a great time to start an outdoor workout regimen. Break a sweat while keeping your shoes smelling fresh with Stuffitts Shoe Savers, a revolutionary new product that absorbs moisture and eliminates shoe odor. Made of 100% Cedar, these shoe inserts dry out shoes 25X faster than air drying, eradicating odor by absorbing moisture. After a workout, marathon or long day at work, simply insert Stuffitts into your shoes to stop moisture in its tracks. Available at select specialty running stores or online at

The idea of Gatorade as the perfect post-workout drink is long gone. The latest trends are showing that all-natural coconut juice, such as Vita Coco, is full of the essential electrolytes your body needs to stay hydrated and while Gatorade has electrolytes, it also has artificial flavors and excess refined sugars. So for your next post workout drink, nix the neon-colored bottled beverage for a refreshing and satisfying all-natural Vita Coco juice box. Available at any grocery store or

Sporting the hottest new fitness gear can empower any athlete or weekend warrior, but finding a place to stash cash and an ID that’s safer and more comfortable than your sock remains an age old problem. Worse yet, what if there’s an emergency and help is needed?

Launching this month, VITAband is a combination of design and function that conveniently and securely stores emergency information remotely and offers access to money by contactless payment – all in one streamlined device. This sleek and durable unisex bracelet connects emergency professionals to vital information such as personal identification, blood type, allergies and current medications. In addition to the safety and security this offers anyone on the go, the VITAband holds a VITAcard, which gives its owner access to contact-less payment at thousands of locations around the country including convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations and more. Safe, simple and easy to set up… purchase a VITAband online at – the perfect accessory for any outdoor workout.

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