Sid’s Bikes: Experts for Cycling Enthusiasts


Whether you’re in the market for your own bike or for someone else, and whether you’re new to biking or a pro, you’ll be in expert hands at Sid’s Bikes in Chelsea, a source for all things bike-related for 40 years now, and deemed a U.S. Gold Top 100 Bike Shop. At Sid’s, the largest bike shop in NYC, you can have bikes custom built to your size and weight, custom-fitted, and matched perfectly with your lifestyle – be it racing, commuting, simply exploring, or all three. You can also pick up Sid’s Bikes gift cards for holiday or birthdays and accrue rewards points on all of your purchases. The store offers worldwide shipping, and has the best selection of road, mountain, and urban-commuting bike models.


I went in to find a bike for my rapidly growing 14 year old — and the fact that his height is still in flux and approaching 6 ft. was taken into account, along with how he would use the bike (racing, commuting, exploring the Hudson River bike trail from Tribeca to the George Washington Bridge), as well as how easy it was for him to lift the bike. Bike prices covered the full spectrum, and style options were plentiful. We settled on a black 2015 Specialized Allez (featured above) with the help of associate Ashlei, who had my son test the bike for how it would fit and feel after she gleaned an accurate picture of his lifestyle. It was easy for him to lift and haul this model, and it was as sleek and fast as he had wanted. The price point was quite reasonable for a starter racing bike, too. Its 9-speed Shimano gears and light wheels improve efficiency over any terrain, and is the ideal bike for someone just entering the sport of bike racing.


The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, into cycling themselves (of course!), and thoroughly familiar with all of the little extras that make biking easier, such as necessary bike repair kits, correctly fitting helmets, night lights, blinkers, and more. There’s a bike model for everyone in the family. Sid’s also sells bicycling jerseys, shoes, cameras, pedals, wheels, training wheels, lights, accessories, portable audio, bags and more at If you’re looking to create a bike tour for a group, read more about your options on the Sid’s website.

Visit the store in person at:

Sid’s Bikes
151 West 19th Street
between 7th + 6th Avenues
New York, NY 10011

Happy trails in 2016!


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