Spring Finds:
Cool Products Your Bod Will Love


The season is changing, fewer layers are required, and soon more skin will be showing. If you haven’t shed the last of that stubborn holiday weight and you need some motivation – these products will surely help put a swing in your aerobic class step as you get closer to your beach-ready bod.

ThisWorks Muscle Therapy
If you’re realizing that it might be high time to kick it into high gear for bikini season, good for you! Getting to the gym is half the battle. But if you haven’t exercised since Britney started acting like Courtney Love on a bender, you might be feeling the burn in all the wrong ways. ThisWorks Muscle Therapy, a therapeutic blend of marjoram, black pepper and clove with plant oils created by the former Health and Beauty Editor of Vogue, will soothe your aches and pains. Warming ginger works as heat therapy while marjoram calms your muscles, combined with invigorating black pepper and aloe to soften the skin. For more information go to www.thisworks.com


Let’s face it, who doesn’t come up with an excuse not to go to the gym? They range from the mundane – “I don’t have time” – to the ludicrous – “My cuticles hurt” – anything to make ourselves feel less guilty about choosing cake over crunches. Well, the folks at PowerSox have given us a whole new guilt complex by making it possible to eliminate foot pain from exercise AND from our repertoire of excuses. A pair of PowerSox, specifically oriented for the left and right feet, contains Lycra to support the bridge of the foot and special toe construction to lessen uncomfortable shifting. And the shock absorption ensures minimal impact and stress during high-impact exercises. Talk about no room for excuses! For more information go to www.powersox.com


Luna Tea Cakes
Tea cakes and exercise don’t normally go together, but the folks at Luna have changed that by teaming up with the Republic of Tea to create a tea cake that is delicious and decidedly unstuffy. This tasty little treat packs a one-two punch by creating a healthy and tasteful snack that’s also chock-full of antioxidants. With flavors like vanilla macadamia and berry pomegranate, they’re perfect for a pre-workout energizer or a post-workout snack.


Shedding pounds while sitting in our cubicles and surfing www.style.com? Sounds like pure fantasy. But with Enviga, a new energy drink that claims to actually burn calories, it just might be a dream come true. This fizzy beverage, which is flavored with green tea, peach, and berry, helped a group of healthy 18-25 year olds to burn an extra 106 calories a day when they drank three cans daily. So start drinking and start burning.


Foam Roller
The hottest new trend to explode onto the workout circuit, the foam roller is an inexpensive and fun way to tone up and slim down. This tool, which looks like an oversized piece of spaghetti, can help improve your core strength, massage sore muscles, and smooth cellulite. Foam Rollers can be found at your local Target Store.

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